"I fight with all my strength against communitarianism," the head of state once again repeats in a 12-page interview, refusing to "fall into the trap of communitarianism = Islam".

The conservative weekly Current Values publishes Thursday a long interview with Emmanuel Macron where the President of the Republic explains about immigration, communitarianism and the veil.

12 pages of exchanges with a journalist

"I fight with all my strength against communitarianism", repeats the head of state once again, who, on the other hand, does not want to "fall into the trap communitar = islam", in this exchange made on October 25, in the plane back from his visit to Reunion. While condemning the communitarian "secession", Emmanuel Macron claims not to want to "speak of anti-white racism", not to "enter into this dialectic" he considers "deadly". Terms used by the controversial controversial Eric Zemmour.

The President of the Republic also insists on the need to better fight against illegal immigration, reducing the time to study asylum cases or abuses of State Medical Aid (AME), but refuses to have "a simplistic speech on immigration". He says he wants to "settle quickly" the question "people who come with a tourist visa, who stay three months and then go to the AME", defending "to have the speech of the National Gathering". The article resumes on 12 pages exchanges of the Head of State with a journalist of the newspaper, before the attack against the mosque of Bayonne.

"Very hard forms of political Islam"

"The idea of ​​exchanging with current values is the desire to speak to all the French including in political spaces that are not necessarily his," says one Wednesday at the Elysee. "When you are president of the Republic, it is important to be able to address all the French ", abounds on Franceinfo the Minister of Housing Julien Denormandie, for which it is a" duty to speak also of immigration ", not to leave the subject to the "extremes". "Obviously he wants to address this very particular electorate of right-wing people, who often tend (...) to raise the verbal temperature against Islam or more," said LCI MP LFI Alexis Corbière, who had himself given an interview to the weekly.

Returning to the controversy over the veil, revived by an elected official of the RN on October 11 and torn apart until his majority, Emmanuel Macron estimates in the article that "for a fortnight was held hostage to two perils that We must avoid communitarianism and the National Gathering, that's why I did not want to go into it. "When we talk about the veil, many young women who wear it are girls or granddaughters of immigrants, they have not arrived," he notes. "It is the failure of our model (of integration by the economy) which is combined with the crisis of Islam", a crisis that "leads to very hard forms of political Islam", analysis-t- he.

But for him, the problem is not "the mother who wears a veil and who accompanies her child out of school", but "the children who are out of school". "This one is not lost: she has put her child in public school and she comes for a school trip, it is even through her that we will win back lost people," defends the head of the State, which considers that it is a "huge mistake" to "humiliate". To better integrate, Emmanuel Macron assumes "a priority": education, "that's why I used the Jean-Michel Blanquer map a lot," he says.