British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday challenged Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbin by accepting early elections, while EU ambassadors in Brussels postponed until mid-week a decision on the new Brexit postponement period, despite agreeing to London's request to extend Britain's 31-day EU deadline. October.

This development comes at a time when the British pound fell against the dollar, after the British Prime Minister pushed for the implementation of Brexit at any cost through early elections, where the pound fell to $ 1.2841 after this week rose to $ 1.30 for the first time in five months, on the back of optimism that Avoid Brexit without agreement.

Johnson is pushing for early elections that he hopes will give him a majority to pass the Brexit deal he reached with EU leaders last week, but the British opposition wants to know whether Brussels will agree to delay the Brexit before they agree to an early election.

The EU's chief negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier, described Friday's talks as "excellent" and a European Commission spokeswoman said: "The work will continue in the coming days."

According to several European sources, a new meeting of ambassadors will be held on Monday or Tuesday to finalize a decision on the additional delay.

Within the European Union, some countries - such as Germany and Ireland - are calling for a three-month delay until January 31, 2020, a deadline the British prime minister has had to ask for, but others, like France, are demanding more clarity about British intentions before a decision is made.

On Friday, the French presidency stressed that the position of Paris remains the same as "the need for a good reason to extend the deadline, and that this can not be done automatically, and that talks are continuing."

"It is clear that if a decision is made in Britain on whether or not to hold an election," a senior diplomat in Brussels told AFP.

But the Brussels decision has not yet been formally adopted and British lawmakers must vote on Monday on early elections this year proposed by Johnson.

Protesters in London last Saturday in support of Britain's stay in the European Union (Anatolia)

Push and pull
Johnson suspended his efforts to ratify the Brexit deal, after lawmakers rejected his proposal to speed up decision-making within three days, leaving the whole Brexit in trouble.

"Withdraw Brexit (without agreement) from the table and the Labor Party will definitely support the holding of elections," said opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin, noting that a long delay must be ensured before going to the polls.

Johnson acknowledged he would not meet the October 31 deadline, and called for a vote in parliament on Monday for early elections on December 12.

The future of Brexit remains unclear, more than three years after the British voted 52% to veto it, 48% opposed, becoming the first sovereign country to leave the bloc.

Britain was originally supposed to leave the European Union on March 29, but former Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to postpone twice after parliament rejected her exit deal earlier this year and paid for her failure.