About it write "Nikolaev messages".

“Who do not like? Yes, this is my friend in general (Arahamia. - RT ). This is our closest comrade. I don’t have any deputies, I definitely have Arahamia (influence. - RT ), ”he said.

Thus, the businessman may have jokingly commented on the statement of Arahamia that Kolomoisky has influence in the Rada, but does not like him.

At the same time, as the entrepreneur noted, he is not sure that Arahamia could have said this.

“I don’t know if he said this, but if he did, then the cap on the thief burns. He is a good guy, by the way, very intelligent. At first, he was in Nikolaev, and then he moved to Lviv, in my opinion, ”the businessman added.

In September, Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky met in Kiev with Kolomoisky. Later, the head of Ukraine spoke about the topic of negotiations with a businessman.