It was on Friday afternoon that school staff found out about the menacing scribble found on one of the school's toilets.

- The implication was that it would not be safe at Marieberg School on Monday. We immediately contacted the police, which we always do in case of threats, says Maria Kjällström, who is the school director in Karlstad Municipality.

According to the municipality, the threat is not considered to be serious, but measures are still being taken to increase security at the school.

- We have sent information to the parents, and we will have security guards in place. Everyone may enter through the main entrance where staff who know the students are there to see that it is really our students who enter the premises.

Threats to schools are increasing

Maria Kjällström says it is important that the students feel safe.

- It is not enough that we and the police judge that they are safe, it must feel safe too. There will be staff from the school health care on site for anyone who wants to talk, and you will of course include this in the classrooms.

The number of threats to schools in Karlstad has increased recently.

- We have noticed more threats and have had more contacts with the police about threats lately. We take all threats seriously and report the police always. It is possible that attention to this will inspire more people who are also seeking attention.