The first daughter in the United States, Ivanka Trump, was ridiculed by the dress she wore when she visited the Goodallup Child Care Center in Ben Valley, Kansas. The President's daughter spoke to parents about the costs of childcare and the lack of good quality care. But many did not care what she was saying, but focused all their attention on the dress she was wearing. Many on social networking sites mocked Ivanka's dress, which was considered unusual.

Ivanka appeared in a cream-colored white dress, and some indicated that he had a certain similarity to the precious bathrobe. "Will Ivanka sleep with the children tonight?" One Twitter user said in a tweet. "There is no other reason why she came to the baby bathing facility." "Ivanka, are you wearing a luxurious bathrobe?" Another said on Twitter. "Does he have the Trump logo from the front?"

Ms. Trump was accompanied by Secretary of Human Services Alex Azar, Republican Senator Roy Blunt and Missouri Gov. Mike Parson.