The Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria said on Sunday that the Syrian army would deploy along the border with Turkey in agreement with the administration to help repel Turkish aggression.

She added that the deployment of the army will support the Syrian Democratic Forces led by the Kurds in addressing «this aggression and the liberation of the territory entered by the Turkish army and Syrian factions supported by Turkey».

This would also allow the liberation of other Syrian cities occupied by the Turkish army, such as Afrin, the statement said.

"In order to prevent and repel this attack, it has been agreed with the Syrian government ... to enter the Syrian army and deploy along the Syrian-Turkish border to support Syrian democratic forces to repel this aggression and liberate the areas entered by the Turkish army," the self-administration said in a statement on its Facebook page. And hacks. ”

"This agreement provides the opportunity to liberate the rest of the Syrian territories and cities occupied by the Turkish army as Afrin" in northwest Aleppo.

The autonomy administration did not elaborate on the rest of the agreement, but the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP that the agreement "includes in the second stage the return of state institutions, provided that the Kurdish autonomous administration to local administrations to manage the affairs of the region, according to Russian promises."

He explained that the agreement also includes that "the Syrian democratic forces participate in the battles of government forces against HTS (Jabhat al-Nusra) in Idlib," pointing out that the Syrian democratic forces have received "promises of support for the restoration of Afrin and the return of its inhabitants."

Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had obtained firm information that there was an agreement between the SDF and Russia to hand over the eye of the Arabs Kobani and Manbij to Syrian forces and allow them to enter them.

Pro-Syrian media reported that Bashar al-Assad's army would enter the two cities within the next 48 hours, while Sputnik reported that the Syrian army had already started moving around Manbij towards the city center.

Washington has spoken on Sunday that the SDF is seeking a deal with Damascus and Russia to counter the Turkish aggression in northern Syria.