It starts with Annie Lööf (C) and Jonas Sjöstedt (V) falling into each other over the government's policies, which the Left Party leader thinks are too right-wing.

- You sat and pressed the yellow button and passed this government. You are not trustworthy Jonas Sjöstedt, says Annie Lööf.

- I made sure this gang didn't get the power and I'm proud of that. They have an even more right-wing policy. I do not want this open racism, sm would come with them and I want a climate policy that can affect. That's why I stopped them and I could do that any day of the week, Jonas Sjöstedt replies.

Busch Thor: "I won't stand it"

But then the KD leader responds.

- Do you mean that Sweden would be racist if we got the power? You just came up with a pretty serious charge. I will not stand it, says Ebba Busch Thor.

- If you have a party that has racism as a business concept ..., continues Jonas Sjöstedt, but is interrupted by the program leaders to move on to the next program point. At the same time, Jimmie Åkesson leaves the podium and goes out of the picture. But he'll be back soon.

- I needed to take a break from what was said, I felt, he says.

Åkesson: "Does it make any sense?"

But Åkesson declines to comment on Sjöstedt's accusations.

- Does it make any difference? He will not change. He is like this in every debate, says Jimmie Åkesson.