• Parade: Bump up Pedro Sánchez and a rugged 'landing' of the flag in the National Party parade

The paratrooper who descended with the flag of Spain that is raised for the parade of the National Party has hit a lamppost of the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, next to the box of the authorities, and has been trapped there a few minutes.

This is the first corporal Luis Fernando Poz or, of the Paratrooper Brigade (Bripac), who in his descent, instead of reaching the ground in front of the box as is traditional, has hit hard against the lamppost, and has become entangled with the strings of the parachute and the flag.

After a few minutes in which he has received the cheers of the Kings, his daughters and the rest of the authorities and guests, the paratrooper has dropped the flag first, and the parade has continued with the transport of the equipment to be hoisted.

The first corporal, who did not appear to be injured, has managed to get off the lamppost and with the helmet still on he has left the parade amid loud applause from the public.

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