• Syria: Trump threatens to "destroy" Turkey's economy after clearing its offensive
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The Kurds said Tuesday that Turkey is bombing one of its positions in a Syrian city bordering Turkey without causing casualties, the Democratic Syrian Forces (FSD) , an alliance led by Kurds, said.

"The Turkish military is bombing one of our points on the border of Sere Kaniye (Ras al Ain) with Turkey. There were no injuries among our forces. We did not respond to this unprovoked attack. We are prepared to defend our people and the people of northeast of Syria, " the FSD Military Coordination and Operations Center said in its Twitter account.

It would be the first bombing of Turkey in northeastern Syria since last day 6, when the Americans withdrew from the border area in the face of the imminent Ankara operation against the region. The Turkish Army has not confirmed this information so far .

The population of Ras al Ain is located on the border with Turkey and there is located the border strip that Ankara wants to establish in northeastern Syria and from which the United States has withdrawn from an imminent offensive by the Turks against the region.

The official reason for entering Syrian territory is the creation of this "safe zone" that welcomes part of the three and a half million Syrians who live in Turkey and escaped the war in their country.

That Kurdish-majority territory is now controlled by the Popular Protection Units (YPG) , the backbone of the FSD, which have de facto established a local administration, something that deeply annoys Ankara as he considers them "terrorists" for their links with the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) , the active Kurdish guerrillas in Turkey.

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