The omens of economic slowdown, of deceleration are seen by Podemos as an electoral opportunity. Its strategy of pushing the PSOE to the right side of the political map wants to present them as the only leftist party, because, say the purple leaders, Más País, Íñigo Errejón's party, has no program. That commitment to dress as the working class party, families led him to stir up the ghost of the recession to sell his politicians: "cuts above" and 600,000 jobs thanks to his 'green policy'.

"An important economic crisis is ahead. Each party must propose what solutions it will give. We are clear about what the PP and the right would do, also the PSOE because we have already seen it in a similar situation, with a shield of the powerful with express reform of the Constitution to download everything about the working class, "said Noelia Vera, spokeswoman for the Executive of Podemos, in reference to the express reform of article 135, which puts the payment of the debt before any public expenditure.

From Podemos, they are committed to bringing a possible economic crisis to the forefront in a short period of time, and want to "shield social and labor rights," betting on green politics. The purples proposes a plan to combat climate change and the production of renewable energy and green technologies, mobilizing 2.5% of the GDP of public and private capital every year, to create 600,000 net jobs.

Among the measures that Podemos has proposed, and that Vera has shelled, is the rehabilitation of 500,000 homes every year, a "rehabilitation plan within a package of green measures for the creation of sustainable employment".

The measure specifically claims to rehabilitate this half million housing a year, whose work includes thermal insulation, the installation of efficient heating and hot water systems and low-energy lighting. "Priority will be given to the most vulnerable households and neighborhoods and buildings located in less populated areas, in accordance with the guarantees of social and territorial justice. As a result of these interventions, families will be able to reduce their energy consumption by 50% and save an average of 400 euros per year, "he says in Podemos plan. "At the same time, thousands of jobs will be created in a sector as punished as construction."

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