As the head of the republic noted, the DPR does not need peacekeeping forces from Belarus to ensure order on its territory and on its borders.

“The republic’s own law enforcement bodies cope with these tasks independently and quite effectively,” Pushilina quoted the Donetsk News Agency as saying.

He recalled that Minsk is the place of negotiations of the Contact Group, which makes a valuable and more than sufficient contribution of Belarus to the peace process.

“Therefore, we gratefully reject the proposal of the Belarusian leadership to introduce their contingent to our borders,” he emphasized.

Earlier, the Kremlin commented on Lukashenko’s words about Minsk’s readiness to bring peacekeepers to the Donbass and take control of a section of the Ukrainian-Russian border if the parties agree.

On September 18, Kiev noted that it was considering the possibility of introducing a peacekeeping mission in the Donbass as one of the steps in the event of the failure of the Minsk agreements.