Burgers, falafel and shrimp salad. Fruit purchases for thousands of kronor at a time. For almost a half year of the children's hospital project, the bills from the construction company NCC for coffee and food are in excess of SEK 100,000.

According to Lars Jansson, managing director at Västfastigheter, they can stand for coffee for meetings between the various parties in the building.

- If this creates a good collaboration and understanding of what the parties have for goals in the project, this is an important part, he says.

Here they have bought coffee and food several times a month, so often it can't be meetings?

- There are extremely many people involved. Consultants, ourselves, the health care business representatives.

Coffee for the construction jobs

But the question is whether the region should stand for food and coffee for the construction jobs at Östra even when there are no meetings between different representatives? If that seems to be the case, the region's property managers and the construction company NCC appear to be apart.

Lars Jansson at Västfastigheter believes that they are only responsible for consumption at meetings, not public coffee. But according to NCC, they have been allowed to buy coffee and fruit for the employees:

When the project started, the parties agreed that the project would stand for coffee, such as fruit and coffee for the employees , writes NCC press manager Tove Stål in an email.

And when it comes to the sum, SEK 53,000 a month, NCC writes:

The project currently employs about 300 people everyday. SEK 53,000 is equivalent to SEK 177 per person per month.

Unclear agreements

Here again, the agreements between the region's property managers Västfastigheter and NCC appear unclear. Something that has previously led to the region placing high demands on repayment from NCC.

Prior to the publication of this report, Västfastigheter returns via email:

The agreement with NCC has included fruit and some coffee on the construction establishment. However, this has changed during the course of the project, and fruit and coffee are now not included.