Popular “fake video creation app” in China US concern about election impact September 5 8:19

A smartphone application that can create “deep fake”, a fake video that is indistinguishable from the real one, developed by a Chinese IT company, is becoming popular in China. There is growing concern that apps will be used to disseminate fake news.

ZAO, a smartphone application developed by a Chinese IT company, creates a video called “Deep Fake” by combining the face of the photographed face with the face of an actor appearing in a movie or drama. I can.

In China, it has become popular since immediately after its announcement on the 30th of last month because it can create more authentic videos in a shorter time than similar apps.

Although this app can only be downloaded in China at this time, experts are concerned that many videos are posted on social media such as Twitter, so American media may be used to spread so-called fake news Are reported one after another.

In the United States, responding to fake news including foreign involvement before the presidential election next year is an issue, Professor Paul Barrett of New York University said, “China is also It ’s likely to interfere with next year ’s elections, and it ’s unclear if Chinese apps are immediately dangerous, but the development of Chinese technology is one of the concerns. ”