The date of the trial of the British teenager accused of pushing a French child from the 10th floor of the London museum was set for February 3, 2020. It must last two weeks.

British teenager accused of throwing 6-year-old French boy from top of London's Tate Modern Museum, seriously wounding him, will be the subject of a psychiatric report, his defense said Thursday at the London Criminal Court .

Detained in a juvenile center

Charged with attempted murder, the 17-year-old teenager briefly appeared behind a glass wall at the Old Bailey, impassive, short hair and unshaven, wearing a light blue t-shirt. He spoke only to confirm his identity. He is currently detained in a juvenile center.

The child, who was visiting London with his family at the time of the tragedy Sunday, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and multiple fractures, in the spine, legs and arms, after falling from a 10th floor observation platform Museum of Modern Art. He had landed on a roof of the fifth floor, about thirty meters below.

The names of the teenager and the victim can not be disclosed for legal reasons.

The Tate Modern, a modern art museum on the banks of the Thames, is one of the most visited tourist spots in the UK. The observation platform is located in an extension added in 2016 to the building, an old power station.