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Violence erupted in Uganda following the arrest of Bobi Wine on August 13. MP, actor, musician, the man is popular in Uganda

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Violence erupted in Uganda following the arrest of Bobi Wine on August 13. MP, actor, musician, the man is popular in Uganda but also abroad. Many personalities around the world have signed a petition of support. And on Wednesday, August 22, in Nairobi, Kenyan artists organized a party to demand his release.

" Free Bobi Wine " is the mantra repeated Wednesday night on stage, with in the background, a graffiti representing the MP-musician and his famous red beret. For George Ndiritu, the organizer, Kenyan artists could not remain silent.

" In the 80s, our government stopped the musicians who were telling the truth. We do not want another country to suffer the same thing. We artists must defend one of ours, but it goes beyond Bobi. It could happen to anyone taking a political stance . "

Songs, poems, political speeches, each participant spread the message in his artistic language, as Roger, writer and artist, shocked by the repression in Uganda . " How can such a thing happen nowadays, as openly? I had to make a contribution, even modest. We are lucky to be able to observe the reality and to paint it, to sing it, to film it. And touch the greatest number. "

Bobi Wine is known for its criticisms of Ugandan power. Wednesday night, the reproaches came from Nairobi. Poetess and artist, Rabian, was after President Museveni . " A president must protect his citizens. If you oppress them because they do not agree, then it's really bullshit ! Museveni thinks that with his power he can do what he wants. He behaves like a dictator . "

Support meeting for Bobi Wine

22-08-2018 - By RFI

Mobilization must continue in Nairobi. A demonstration will be held this Thursday in the city center to ask for release Bobi Wine.

Support petition

But Kenyan artists are not the only ones to mobilize. 88 prominent cultural figures, politicians and human rights defenders signed a petition in favor of Bobi Wine .

#Nairobi #Kenya Ongoing concert to demand #BobiWine freedom #Uganda / Concert underway to demand the release of Bobi Wine

Sébastien Németh (@SebastienNemeth) August 22, 2018

This is particularly the case of Beninese Angélique Kidjo, Malian Toumani Diabaté, Nigerian Femi Kuti or Chris Martin of Coldplay or Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz. They demand access to care and impartial treatment of the case.

They promise to remain vigilant and to mobilize their respective networks if necessary to defend the artist and opponent. The initiator of the petition in his favor is Rikki Stein, the former producer of Fela Kuti, creator of the Nigerian Afrobeat and politically engaged in his country. So it necessarily reminds him of something.

" I had already been there ... See an artist speak against an administration, against the state, this story continues with Bobi Wine who is not only singer but also politician and member of Parliament Ugandan. In Uganda, 80% of the population is under 30 years of age. And they love Bobi Wine. And for me, his courage, his determination, his vision of a more just society, deserve to be supported. "

International Lawyer

On the legal front, Bobi Wine's family has recruited an international law firm based in London and Washington DC. Cabinet headed by Canadian Robert Amsterdam.

" It's a case of state torture so it's not limited to Ugandan justice. We will turn to various international institutions, from the United Nations to the Commonwealth. There is an international convention against torture, there are UN special rapporteurs to oversee this area, and there are various institutions dealing not only with torture but also with illegal and arbitrary detention. "

Robert Amsterdam is therefore ready to fight internationally for his client. " So we intend not only to fight in Uganda but also internationally to seek justice for Bobi Wine, an investigation into its torture and Uganda's significant violations of its obligations under the International Covenant. on civil and political rights. Uganda has signed a number of international treaties that it has violated and will be held accountable. "

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