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Several products sold at Lidl and Auchan are currently affected by a product recall measure, relays


The two brands are calling for not to consume and to bring some of their items back to the store: bread for the first, brioches, crackers and cookies for the second.

The Nordic Bridor bread 315 g and the rustic cereal pavé 360 g, on sale at Lidl, have sesame seeds whose ethylene oxide content is far too high, reports the specialized site


They stopped being marketed on October 27, 2020.

Three products sold at Auchan

On the Auchan side, three products are affected by this recall.

Batches of plain braided brioche 630 g and chocolate chips 630 g and 693 g, marketed by Pasquier, were withdrawn due to "the possible presence of foreign bodies", explains a press release from the retail chain.

The products have the barcodes 3256540001787, 3256540001794 and 3256540001817.

Dukan 100 g parmesan crackers are also to be brought back to the store or destroyed.

These have an above-prescribed content of ethylene oxide in certain sesame seeds.

The lot 27072021 with a date of minimum durability (DDM) of July 27, 2021 and with the EAN code 3760151014413 is concerned.

The third recall concerns Gerblé sesame biscuits, also because of the presence of ethylene oxide at a content greater than the authorized threshold.

All batches with EAN codes 317.568.001 1480, 317.568.112 4301, 317.568.101.4800, 317.568.102 6766, 317.568.124 8120, 317.568.179 0285, 317.568.111.6863 have been withdrawn from supermarkets.


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