Bertrand-Kamal, always all smiles, even during his elimination -

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  • Bertrand-Kamal, one of the candidates for this

    Koh-Lanta season

    , died in September from pancreatic cancer.

  • This Friday, October 23, he left the competition, toured at the end of last year, after an elimination round.

  • By virtue of his personality and his flawless career, the Dijonnais has entered the history of adventure games.

It is undoubtedly the knotted throat that millions of viewers witnessed the departure of Bertrand-Kamal in



After 25 days of adventure, the Dijonnais left the game this Friday after his last place in the immunity test.

The loneliness of the candidate at this moment contrasts with the unanimous tears of his companions in misfortune.

"Limit, I would have preferred it to be me," says his former teammate Laurent.

But as usual, "Béka's" big smile never leaves her face when she says goodbye.

"He gave off something special, solar"

Emblematic character of this season, Bertrand-Kamal aroused the public's curiosity from the first episode of “4 Terres”.

His good humor in the face of the weather phenomena that hit the islet of exile brought another flavor to the show, generally more focused on strategies than on the constant cheerfulness of its candidates.

“With each hard blow in the adventure, he kept his smile, his good humor, remembers Julien Magne, producer of


and director of programs of ALP for

20 Minutes


He gave off something special, solar around him.

And it is this personality which created a strong attachment of the other adventurers but also of the televiewers.

”His altruism and generosity are all the reasons why the emotion seized the public last September 10, when we learned of his death.

At the age of 31, Bertrand-Kamal died of pancreatic cancer which he had been battling for five months.

A hero in the same capacity as Claude or Teheiura

Besides his endearing personality, Bertrand-Kamal also stood out from other candidates thanks to his physical abilities and natural leadership.

Before the formation of the new teams, he led the Greens on an almost flawless course.

During the first eleven days, the Eastern Tribe never knew the council.

In the fifth episode, he takes the lead of the new Red Tribe and does everything possible to keep the morale of the troops in good shape despite an escalating adventure.

"He was a comforting shoulder, a support, a teaser, a leader and a federator for the members of his team", underlines Julien Magne.

So many qualities listed which in fact register Bertrand-Kamal among the heroes of



A term used since 2009 to designate the most emblematic Robinson Crusoes in the game, like Claude and Teheiura.

“It is above all the reaction of all the adventurers after the elimination of Beka that we can see his important place in the game. He left no one indifferent.

On the contrary, he marked all of these companions with his class and his good humor.

This is why he is undoubtedly one of the heroes in the history of


 ”, relates the producer.

A flame that no one will extinguish

The sequence that accompanies Bertrand-Kamal's exit ends with a drone shot.



is a beautiful lesson in life,” he said over the pictures.

As promised, the production claims to have not touched the editing of the program since the announcement of Béka's death.

If his photo does not ignite when we see him leave, it is not out of decency.

“This symbolism only exists for outings to the board,” recalls Julien Magne.

What if this departure following his defeat on the immunity test was ultimately the best way to put an end to Bertrand-Kamal's journey?

In 25 days of competition, his name has never been entered on a ballot.

By leaving thus, the candidate remained in control of his adventure until the end.

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Did you get attached to him from the start of the competition?

What highlight of his career will you remember?

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