China News Service, Hangzhou, September 27 (Guo Qiyu, Zhang Bin, Lin Zhengkai, Xu Jieqiong) A reporter learned from the Zhejiang Tobacco Monopoly Bureau on the 27th that a case of transporting counterfeit cigarettes over the sea was seized in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and 301,200 counterfeit cigarettes of 49 varieties were seized on the spot. The actual value of cigarettes is more than 61.95 million yuan.

At the same time, 25 criminal suspects were arrested at the scene, 2 freighters and 7 vehicles were seized.

Law enforcement officers used a crane to carry fake cigarettes ashore. Photo by Yang Awei

  In this case, the tobacco, customs anti-smuggling, maritime police, public security and other departments involved in joint operations, mobilizing more than 200 law enforcement officers, fought for three days and nights, and simultaneously seized the nets of suspected illegal vessels in Oujiang and Feiyunjiang.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.

  According to the staff of Zhejiang Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the situation of smuggling overseas counterfeit cigarettes by sea has become more and more serious recently.

Up to now, the total value of cases of maritime transport of counterfeit cigarettes in Zhejiang this year has reached 234 million yuan, and a total of 1,330,600 counterfeit cigarettes of various types such as Aixi, Yellow Crane Tower, Liqun, Zhonghua, Double Happiness, and Furong King have been seized.

Law enforcement officers counted the counterfeit cigarettes seized overnight.

Photo by Yang Awei

  It is reported that in response to the new situation of cigarette smuggling by sea that has emerged this year, Zhejiang Tobacco Department, especially coastal units, rely on the "Internet Office" multi-departmental joint mechanism to strengthen law enforcement cooperation with the maritime police, deepen intelligence and investigation, and strictly prevent overseas cigarette smuggling by sea. Entering the country, crack down on cigarette transit and distribution sites in and outside the province, and build a new line of defense against counterfeiting and smuggling of cigarettes at sea.