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is a news about the autumn scenery that will make you forget about the frustration caused by Corona 19.

It is said that Nogodan, one of the three largest peaks of Mt. Jirisan, is dyed with wild flowers in autumn.

Reporter Lee Yong-sik came to the scene.

<Reporter> You

can see the golden fields where rice is ripening and the Seomjin River.

At the top of Nogodan, Mount Jirisan at 1,507m above sea level, colorful autumn wildflowers burst into bloom.

The eye-catching pure white'mulmaehwa' is an autumn messenger.

It resembles a spring flowering plum, but it starts to bloom in mid-August.

This purple flower is'Surichwi'.

Young leaves were used to make and eat Danonal rice cakes.

'Gentian', which is greedy with purple flowers, uses its roots as herbal medicine.

The fun of seeing the colorful autumn flowers along the mountain path makes the visitor's steps light.

[Han Seon-mi/Guro-gu, Seoul: I would say it's so pretty, so I can't exhaust myself without coming every year...


It blows away the frustration and stress accumulated by corona in the autumn scenery in front of you.

[Kim Won-kyung/Seoul Gangdong-gu: I was frustrated because I was at home, but that’s good.

It feels good as if it was all open.] There

are over 20 kinds of autumn wildflowers that can be found in Nogodan.

[Wang Hyo-suk/Jirisan National Park Natural Environment Commentator: To adapt to the wind, he lowers his height and has a darker scent and more colorful color than the wildflowers below.]

Here at Jirisan Nogodan from January 1 this year to protect the ecosystem


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Nogodan's autumn flowers are expected to be seen until the middle of next month.