Seeing in a dream leads him to find a treasure of 18 million dollars

The Red Mas Noticias news network reported on Wednesday that the late Colombian drug magnate's nephew Pablo Escobar discovered one of his hideouts, which contained $ 18 million.

Nicolas Escobar told the network that the hideout was inside his home, which he had lived in for several years, in Medellin, the city where Pablo Escobar is based.

His nephew added that he saw a dream in a dream indicating that there was something in a certain part of the house, and that he later discovered a cache containing a foul-smelling plastic bag.

According to the report, the old banknotes were in so poor condition that they were no longer usable.

Also found in the cache were a block of gold, wireless devices, tape recorders, a typewriter, a pen, and a camera, and the film inside had not been developed.

Rumors about Pablo Escobar's hideouts still circulate in Medellin.

Nicolas Escobar, who has expressed pride in his kinship with the leader of the cocaine trade, said he found several.