A house sheltered from the wind and rain, a group of family members who love each other, a family relationship that cares about each other... This is the "small luck" that most people have.

  Since 2007, 24 orphans or children from difficult families in Ruian, Zhejiang, have successively entered the local "Happiness Family" and have grown up and rested in this "safe haven", where they have also harvested "ordinary" happiness.

  Yu Haihe's family took a group photo with the "Happy Family" children. Photo courtesy of interviewees

Fearless rumors of hardship but be worthy of heart

  The "Happy Family" was founded by Yu Haihe, a villager of Shuangqiao Village, Tangxia Town, Ruian City.

  In August 2007, when the first batch of eight children entered this strange family, Yu Haihe's two sons were only 9 years old and 8 months old.

  "Is my son so young, and still raising other people's children?"

  "It must be a show, who would do such a silly thing!"

  For a time, there were many local discussions, and many people did not understand.

  In the face of gossip, Yu Haihe's wife Dai Qili said: "I never asked the children to give me a return, and no matter how I comment on us from outside, we only do things in accordance with our own heart."

  Yu Haihe (second right) and Dai Qili (first right). Photo courtesy of interviewees

  From a small family to a big family, Dai Qili had a hard time in the first period: during the day, she needed to help her husband take care of things in the factory; at night, at home and her mother-in-law took care of the life and work of these eight children; at night , But also to take care of the young son under the age of...

  The dual pressure of physical and mental pressure, Dai Qili fell down by poor clicks. After much deliberation, she gave up her little son and sent her younger son back to her family to raise her. She spent more time on caring for the "happy family" children.

  "Ensuring children's personal safety and helping them develop a good life and study habits are the most important things." Dai Qili said.

  69-year-old Zheng Meixiang is the mother of Yu Haihe. In the eyes of children, Zheng Meixiang is particularly kind and spoils them.

  Over the years, Zheng Meixiang has almost taken care of household chores such as cooking, laundry and mopping the floor. Although Dai Qili and his wife would explain to the children, they should do their own things as much as possible, sort out the things in the bedroom, and get up in the morning to fold up the quilt. However, after the children went to school, Zheng Meixiang would go to the bedroom to clean up.

  Zheng Meixiang said: "The children have been struggling to go to school and can't bear to let them do housework anymore. I'm tired when I'm tired, it's okay."

  In 2018, the "Happy Family" came to a new member Xiaolian (pseudonym), studying for the first grade. Xiaolian is quiet and clever, but has a bad habit: bedwetting at night.

  The children sat around the table for dinner. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  "The wet quilt must be washed, and it is not easy to put it in the washing machine, but only by hand." In the cold morning of that winter and the spring of the following year, Zheng Meixiang washed countless bedding for Xiaolian. In order to help her get rid of bedwetting habits, Zheng Meixiang burned bone soup and boiled brown sugar eggs to increase her nutrition. She got up at night to remind Xiaolian to go to the toilet.

  Finally, Xiaolian's bedwetting habits changed, but Zheng Meixiang fell tired. In August 2018 and December 2019, she collapsed at home twice due to overwork. The doctor told him to take a good rest, but she still said, "The children are still young, and they still need care."

Give a "home" to children in need

  The reason why he wanted to start a "happy family", Yu Haihe said, stems from his growth experience.

  When Yu Haihe had not yet remembered, his parents went abroad to keep bees and fostered him at grandma’s house; three years later, because of the loss of beekeeping money, this difficult family suddenly became destitute. Had to live in a stone house converted from a pigsty...

  When Yu Haihe was 14, his father died of illness. The heavy debts and burdens of life fell on the shoulders of the orphans and widows. To this end, his mother made a living by grinding tofu, and Yu Haihe had to drop out of school to go home and follow the master carpenter...

  Yu Haihe clearly remembered that during the most difficult days, relatives, friends, and people from the same village reached out to them.

  "Without their help, maybe there is no me now." Yu Haihe, who grew up under the help of relatives and friends, deeply felt the desire for happiness of children who lost their parents or their family.

  More than a decade ago, Yu Haihe, who operated a small factory, had some savings on hand. He discussed with his family and wanted to do his best to help the difficult groups in the society.

  "Children are the hope of society and the group that needs the most care and love. If no one helps them in time, they may not be able to have a bright future." Yu Haihe thought, to give children who need help a "home" .

  Yu Haihe cut the cake for the children. Photo courtesy of interviewees

"I will do it until I can't continue"

  It's been 13 years since the cold came and went. "There are times when it is difficult," Yu Haihe said, but he never thought of giving up.

  Today, there are 24 "siblings" in the "Happy Family". As the children grow up, some children have left, and there are still 5 children living in the "Happy Family".

  When there are many children in the "Happy Family", hundreds of thousands of dollars a year are needed. Caring people such as the Ruian City Charity Federation, Ruian Xinxin Charity Club, etc. also often care about these children and send them some caring items.

  In fact, what makes Yu Haihe feel the most difficult is to help children develop good study habits and improve their academic performance. "The children come from different families, and many of them have loose personalities." When encountering children who are more difficult to teach, Yu Haihe can only talk to him again and again. "They often'left ear in, right ear out,' but said Better than not saying."

  Yu Haihe taught his children to study hard. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  In Yu Haihe's home, several doors have obvious repair marks.

  "Some children feel that their fate is unfair, their emotions are difficult to resolve, and sometimes they want to vent, and the door was broken several times." Yu Haihe said helplessly, "but the children are still immature after all, when they grow up, just Sensible."

  In 2012, a "daughter" of the "Happy Family" had her own children, which deeply moved Yu Haihe. "It seems that our seniority has been upgraded all at once." He smiled and saw that these children became a family and established a career, with a clear future, he can finally rest assured.

  Seeing the happiness of their children's family and career, Yu Haihe and his wife were very pleased. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  "Brothers and sisters" who have left the "Happy Family" often meet back here, cook a table of good food, talk about home cooking, and relive the years of growth.

  Jingjing (a pseudonym), who had lived in the "Happy Family" for 6 years, now goes back to visit the "family" during the Chinese New Year. She said: "When I have a child and become a mother, I deeply realize that grandma, aunt, Uncle's great love and selflessness."

  Yu Haihe, his mother and his wife's kind deeds for more than ten years also infected Yu Haihe's two sons.

  "Mom, they are also wrong, why are you just criticizing me" "Mom, you took them out to play, but left me at home" "Mom, I don't seem to be your biological son"... In the early years, Dai Qili was often "Complaint".

  "This year, the boss has already joined the work, and the youngest son was on the first day. They all understood us and thought of these children as their own siblings." Dai Qili said with a smile, this is her most gratifying thing.

  Dai Qili (first from left) and the children. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  "Happiness", as the name suggests, not only gave happiness to 24 orphans or children in difficult families who lost their parents, but also made Yuhaihe's family understand the meaning of life.

  "I will do it until I can do it, as long as my ability permits, and the children need help, I will not stop." This is Yu Haihe's promise.

  Author: Pan Qin Wen