Chinese culture includes many methods of treatment, including pressure therapy, which depends on massage certain points in the body to get rid of pain, which includes ear massage, it helps to get rid of stress, as it is a deep point that strengthens public health and reduces stress and stress. 

Tension is also one of the most common problems today, especially since the outbreak of the new Corona virus and the accompanying imposition of closure measures all over the world. The suffering of people has increased from anxiety, stress, lethargy and many other symptoms.

According to the "Pin Villa" website, the solution is simply to massage your ears. Yes, this is a method that will relax the nerves, not only benefiting your mental health but also your physical health, as it helps treat a range of physiological signs, diseases, and other pathological disorders in the areas of the abdomen, chest, lower back, and feet.

You can do this anytime, anywhere, and here are the six health benefits of ear massage:

1- Reducing muscle pain

Researchers found, according to a study, that ear massage can reduce pain among people with chronic lower back pain or not.

In their study, the researchers noted that ear massage is an effective way to reduce discomfort, as gently pulling and rubbing the earlobe stimulates endorphins.

The researchers noted that this comfort hormone relieves pain, and massage improves circulation as well, so control your physical pain and boost the pain threshold with this simple technique.

2- Reducing stress and anxiety levels

According to another study, massage the ear is useful while going through difficult situations, if you feel stressed, panicked, upset, or annoyed, massage the earlobe in circular motions, and note the difference.

3- Reducing total headache and migraines

Instead of consuming over-the-counter pain relievers, one should follow this simple and natural way to relieve total headaches and migraines, and also take mint tea for a better effect.

4- Lose weight

Aside from daily physical activity and a healthy diet, there are many tricks and breakthroughs that one can follow to increase weight loss more.

One of these breakthroughs is an ear massage, rubbing at different points of the ears can promote faster weight loss.

5- Treating insomnia

Mind relief is essential to getting a better and better sleep, as is well known, and before taking any medications, just massage your ear and this simple technique will stimulate your mind to reduce stress, which results in sleep disturbances and insomnia.

6- Enhancing energy

If you need to consume caffeine every morning, you can try rubbing your ears more intensely, as stimulating the nerve endings of your ears stimulate the brain centers to make you fresh, so, whenever you feel tired and have less energy, massage your ear.