Singer Jo Kwon revealed a heartbreaking heart toward his mother.

Jo Kwon, who appeared in SBS Plus,'Do You Eat and Eat Rice', aired on the 13th?

When Kim Soomi said to Jo Kwon, "I went through prenatal surgery. I was 50 years old and I was 50," said Jo Kwon, "I am white and pretty and look like a nobleman. I lived in an underground kankan."

The economic difficulties in the house made the young Jo Kwon difficult. Jo Kwon recalled, "In the fifth grade, my house crashed. At that time, my debt was more than 500 million won. I lived with three family members in an underground kankan when I was a child. The monthly rent was 60,000 won because of my ring."

Jo Kwon explained the reason why Gassée insisted, "Mother used to work as an insurance company when she was young, and her father worked as a bus driver for a long time.

He confessed that this also caused problems for his mother's health. Jo Kwon said, "The debtors have come into the house. I was hiding in my room. The debtors poured water into the gourds, put the mother in the middle and hit the water, so there was no mother's eardrum."

I once wandered away from home because of the economic difficulties in the house.

Jo Kwon's mother also appeared in surprise. The mother said, "As I said on my cell phone,'Mother's Treasure,' it's a child born hard and difficult. I don't want you to have a broken heart. I always pray. I wish my son was good."

Then Jo Kwon revealed, "I want you to trust me like you always did. I want to be a friend-like son." 

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)