China News Service, July 4th, according to the official Weibo news of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government Information Office, from July 6th to 11:00, Tianjin City added a new case of overseas diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia (American), and cumulative reports of overseas There were 62 confirmed cases (1 case in hospital, 61 cases cured and discharged; 57 cases of Chinese nationality, 3 cases of American nationality, 1 case of French nationality, and 1 case of Filipino nationality).

  The 62nd confirmed case of overseas importation, female, 45 years old, an employee of Universal Studios Beijing, is of US nationality and has recently lived in Orlando, USA. Take a flight from Anchorage (OY913) in the United States and arrive at Tianjin Binhai International Airport on July 3. When entering the country, the body temperature was 36.5℃, declared asymptomatic, and after the customs quarantine inspection and sampling, it was transferred to the designated isolation hotel in Hexi District; on the night of the day, the new crown virus nucleic acid test was positive and immediately transferred to the airport hospital for a hot clinic, body temperature 37.5℃, chest CT display Interstitial texture of both lungs increased. Later, the city's expert group was diagnosed as a confirmed case of imported new coronary pneumonia outside Tianjin. The classification is light and has been transferred to Haihe Hospital. Implement closed-loop management throughout.