[Explanation] Organ transplantation is the most effective way to treat organ failure, but the shortage of donor organs has made many patients lose their treatment opportunities. To solve this bottleneck problem, on the eve of June 1st, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Hospital successfully completed a split liver transplantation, dividing a donor's liver in two, saving an adult liver cancer patient and a 6-month-old patient. Infants with congenital biliary atresia. This is Guangxi's first case of one liver and two uses in the same hospital.

  [Commentary] The reporter learned that this split liver transplantation is to split a donor liver into two parts, which are transplanted to two recipients. When splitting, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the structure and function, so as to maximize the use Limited donor liver resources. In the previous liver transplantation operation, one liver was used by only one patient. This operation needs to be performed on the premise of maintaining stable blood circulation of the donor. Two sets of liver ducts including the hepatic artery, portal vein, and biliary tract should be repaired and separated. Provided to two recipients to complete the transplantation. Compared with traditional whole liver transplantation, the difficulty of pipeline reconstruction in split liver transplantation is significantly increased.

  [Same period] Yang Jianrong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and an expert in hepatobiliary surgery

  That is, as a whole liver, to make it a success is equivalent to one liver into two livers, which is very demanding on our technical level. Everyone knows that the liver is a very complicated organ with blood vessels and bile ducts (etc. ) Are very fine, so if there is no technical support in the whole process, then this operation is not easy to succeed.

  [Commentary] Dr. Lai Yanhua, the director of the transplantation department, said that the donor liver obtained this time came from a brain-dead young male. The liver quality is very good. Among them, the right three lobes of the liver are transplanted into adult male patients. Transplanted into 6-month-old infant patients, the operation was successfully completed.

  [Same period] Lai Yanhua, Director of the Transplantation Department of the People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

  We need to make a scientific division, which part is for adults and part for children, and after cutting it off, it can be rebuilt and restored to its normal blood flow. We have experienced the continuous efforts of three generations of liver transplant experts in the hospital and the continuous precipitation of technology, so we just encountered such a case, and we made a new attempt this time.

  [Commentary] At present, the vital signs of the two patients undergoing transplantation are stable, and liver function is gradually recovering. The success of the split liver transplantation has made a pioneering exploration for expanding the number of donor organs, which will benefit more patients in the future.

  Ou Shengsong, Lai Yanhua, Meng Siqi, Nanning, Guangxi reported

Editor in charge: [Chen Haifeng]