Denis Brogniart will host the final of “Koh-Lanta” this Friday evening - © Philippe LEROUX / ALP / TF1


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  • This Friday, June 5, the final of "Koh-Lanta" is broadcast on TF1.
  • Claude, Inès and Naoil compete for the title of the best adventurer of "The island of heroes".
  • 20 Minutes invites  you to live, live, the conclusion of this season which will remain etched in our memories. 



We take stock of "The island of heroes", one of the best seasons in the history of "Koh-Lanta"


Does FC Bronzette deserve to go on the posts? (or to be constantly conspired)


8:05 pm: Hello everyone and welcome to this live

That's it, it's the big night. This kind of evening when you refuse an aperitif with your friends because history can be created before our eyes, live, on television. After fifteen weeks of competition, sporting exploits, high-flying strategies, we will say goodbye to "The island of heroes". Who of Claude, Inès or Naoil will stay on the poles the longest? Who will the members of the final jury vote for? Who will brandish the totem of  Koh-Lanta , synonymous with victory, and leave with 100,000 euros? The answer is more than ever at hand…

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