Measures to prevent the recurrence of nuclear facilities related to typhoons due to typhoons Judged to be appropriate as a regulatory committee June 4, 5:1

Regarding the nuclear facility in Ibaraki prefecture that was completely destroyed by a typhoon due to corrosion and the like last year, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency of Japan, a business operator, decided to review the inspection method, such as the introduction of hammering hammering sound inspection, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has determined that this recurrence prevention measure is appropriate.

At the Oarai Research Institute of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency in Oarai-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, a typhoon No. 15 in September last year destroyed a building about 17 meters high that cooled the research reactor, and a wooden brace to support the building. It is known that the cause was that the was corroded.

In this regard, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission discussed the recurrence prevention plan compiled by JAEA at the meeting on the 3rd.

Since the surface of timber brace was covered with metal, JAEA could not grasp the corrosion.For similar members, hit the hammer to check the corrosion with sound. , Some inspection methods will be reviewed.

On the other hand, the Regulatory Commission has decided that the JAEA's recurrence prevention measures are appropriate, saying that the check method is appropriate.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency is a research institute in the country that has been in charge of basic research on Japan's nuclear power development since the end of World War II. I will.

Aging nuclear facilities There is a limit to the response only to the regulatory committee

Regarding the response to aging nuclear facilities, Toyotoshi Sarada, Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said, “It is easy to motivate operation and research, but it is difficult to motivate to clean up the facilities quickly, and it is difficult to respond only to regulations.” He said that there was a limit to the response of the regulatory committee alone.