People's Daily Online, Beijing, May 30 (Tang Jia, Huang Yu) Tong Zhuo, an undergraduate graduate, singer, and actor from the Central Academy of Drama, claimed in a live broadcast that he had used some means during the college entrance examination to change from a previous student to a fresh student, which caused heated public debate. Following the response of the Ministry of Education Information Office on the 29th to "resolutely track down to the end", the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education issued a statement on the 30th that it has cooperated with relevant departments and the municipal government to carry out a comprehensive investigation and verification.

  Netizens asked: What are the consequences of tampering with the identity of the college entrance examination? What are the "some means" and what are the "accomplices" behind them?

What are the consequences of tampering with the identity of the college entrance examination? It doesn't matter if you don't make a profit?

  Tong Zhuo said in the live broadcast that the favorite school only recruited fresh students, so he changed his previous students' status to fresh students through "some means". If it is true, how to characterize such an act of tampering with the identity of the college entrance examination?

  The "Measures for Dealing with National Education Examination Violations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") stipulates that educational examination institutions and examination staff may find that they have obtained the qualifications for the examination, forged documents, certificates, files and other materials during the examination process or after the examination. If the qualifications and test scores are divided, the relevant candidates shall be deemed to have committed cheating in the test.

  "If Tongzhuo does have the behavior of 'previous students change into fresh students', it is cheating in college entrance examination." Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, pointed out.

  The "Measures" clarify that if a candidate obtains the examination results obtained by cheating and thus obtains the corresponding degree certificate, academic certificate and other academic certificates, qualification qualification certificate or admission qualification, the certificate issuing authority shall declare the certificate invalid and shall be ordered to withdraw the certificate or give Confiscated; if the student has already been admitted or enrolled, the admission school shall cancel the admission qualification or his school membership.

  During the live broadcast, Tong Zhuo said, "I didn't pass the exam at last." Does it matter if you do n’t get a direct benefit?

  "Whether you benefit from cheating is not the basis for judging whether or not you cheat in the college entrance examination. Even if you tamper with your identity, you don't get any benefits from it, which is also cheating." Xiong Bingqi pointed out.

Statement of Shanxi Provincial Department of Education

What is "some means"? Who is involved?

  On the 29th, Tongzhuo apologized through Weibo, saying that he had applied to the school to revoke his academic qualifications. Netizens pointed out that this may be a "stop loss" for himself, and some netizens are concerned about the loopholes behind "some means".

  Xiong Bingqi analysis pointed out that it is not difficult to modify the school registration information, and usually requires the cooperation of the local household registration management department, education department, and school personnel. It is difficult for a student to erase the traces of previous students by himself. As long as the fact that identity information has been tampered with is confirmed, there will generally be a chain of cheating interests.

  Cai Yuanpei, a lecturer at the School of Criminal Justice of China University of Political Science and Law, said that if a staff member helps to correct the person ’s information and is suspected of negligence or abuse of power, the staff member can be punished. If the circumstances are serious, it may constitute a criminal offence such as negligence of duty or crime of abuse of power.

  What exactly is "some means"? Who is involved? Xiong Bingqi said that the handling of this matter will not end because of the parties' apology. "Under the circumstance that the country strictly controls cheating in the college entrance examination, if anyone can tamper with the identity information, it indicates that there may be a loophole in the relevant link, and it must be investigated thoroughly."

Some colleges only recruit fresh students, is it unfair to previous students?

  The "Tongzhuo Incident" triggered a heated discussion among netizens, and the discussion on the difference between fresh students and previous students was posted on Weibo. Some netizens believe that the requirement that some colleges only recruit fresh students is unfair to previous students. Some netizens believe that the previous students have one or more years of study time than the current students. If they are treated the same as the current students, it is unfair for the corresponding students.

  "At present, a small number of colleges only recruit fresh graduates because of their different orientations in running schools. No matter how, it is unfair to apply to the students by tampering with their identities. Whether it is unfair to previous students or corresponding students," Xiong Bingqi believes that registration for the established college entrance examination 1. Admission rules can be questioned and discussed, but this cannot be used as an excuse for personal cheating.

  The official Weibo of the Ministry of Education's Information Office issued a statement on the 29th: The Ministry of Education has noticed that it has recently claimed to change the identity of previous students in the live webcast to the freshmen to participate in the college entrance examination. The Ministry of Education stated that it has zero tolerance for violations such as fraud and falsification. Although this matter has been lapsed for many years, it will be resolutely pursued.

  On the afternoon of the 30th, regarding the latest investigation progress of the incident, the relevant person in charge of the Information Office of the Ministry of Education responded to People's Daily that the content of the Ministry of Education's response on the 29th shall prevail.