A couple of comedians Kang Jae-jun and Eun-hyeong Lee have closed a restaurant operated by Corona Virus Infection-19 (Corona 19).

Jae-Joon Kang said on his SNS on the 30th, he said, “3

Jae-Joon Kang and his wife, Eun-Hyung Lee, have run a Japanese-style pub 'Kiyu' in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul. The couple, Jae-Joon Kang and Eun-Hyung Lee, cooked directly in the store without a schedule, and the guests met, and actively started the store operation. However, such a store ended business in the aftermath of Corona19.

Gangjaejun said that "party tries to prevent the spread to the heart, perhaps because the corona exit the business." "Still, many people have so much to look will come to visit and browse the store dolrisi heart hurts," he said.

But We "are you going to just re-opened by moving the place later, then again, I'll meet you," he said "In the meantime you can appreciate a lot of regular people and a lot of attention given to import the guests who really, in the meantime seems gonna grace received in the base oil is not never forget again Thank you, "he said.

[Photo = Kang Jae-jun Instagram]

(SBS funE reporter Sun-ae Kang)