Now, tomorrow (1st), the season will begin in summer.

Currently, the temperature will rise significantly in the middle of the day, with strong sun shining through the clouds across the country, but Seoul's midday temperature is not as high as 28 degrees yesterday, but it will still exceed the average level in the middle of the year, and in other regions, it will be hot and above 25 degrees.

However, Busan will stay at 22 ° C because the temperature has not risen significantly since it is cloudy.

The rain that rained on Jeju and the South Coast has almost stopped this morning, and in the afternoon, it will only sporadically rain.

From this afternoon, it seems that there will be thunderstorms and thunderstorms all over the inland overnight.

The rest of the world today shows only cloudy weather, and the strong sunshine between these clouds will show a very high UV index in most regions, and the ozone concentration in the west and some Yeongnam regions will likely increase in the afternoon. .

If you look at the midday temperature today, it will usually be lower than yesterday, but it will still be hot.

From tomorrow, early in June, to the day after tomorrow, the news of rain has been centered around the central region.

(Kim Soo-min Weather Caster)