The Korean science fiction movie 'Sung-ri-ho', scheduled for release in August, released a teaser trailer on the 6th. It is a masterpiece with a net production cost of 20 billion won. Marketing P & A cost is also expected to spend 3 to 4 billion won. Then, at least 6.5 million audiences are required to make a surplus. Korean masterpiece films that have been postponed until now are being prepared for release one by one. Works such as 'The Peninsula', 'Heroic', 'Sungriho' and 'Alone' are being discussed. The film industry is paying attention to the success of these masterpieces in the context of Corona19.

In the midst of this, I met Yoo Jung-hoon, CEO of Seungri-ho Investment & Distribution Company 'Merry Christmas'. Yu also proposed a model for a new film business in Corona. A variety of stories have emerged, including intellectual property (IP) and Netflix.

Before that, let's take a look at the opening situation of Seungho. In the past, warships of similar size were also compared to Ansi Province and Mt. Baekdu. (Refer to the table below) 'Win' also requires a minimum of 1,600 ~ 1,700 screens to secure a break-even audience of 6.5 million. I have to decide from the time of release to get full support from the theater chains.
However, the problem is that even after switching to life prevention on the 6th, our theater district has not escaped the shock of Corona 19. Last weekend (May 9th and 10th), I expected that the box office would recover to the level of 200,000 audiences, but eventually exceeded 150,000. Compared to a year ago, it is a disastrous level.
How should film distributors break through this situation? I heard the answer from CEO Jung-hoon Yoo. (President Yoo was the representative of 'Showbox', one of the top 4 investment distributors in Korea until 2018, and he performed numerous works.)

Q. 'Sung-Ho Ho' is the first SF film in Korea to try. Do you contain?

It is not just a movie based on the universe, but the worldview itself originated from the universe of the 'far future'. You can think of it as a full-fledged Korean SF. This is a movie with a feeling of a little little hero movie in which the space scavengers who lived poorly in the story of humanity in the 2090s who had to move into space intertwined with the plot related to the fate of mankind.
Q. Computer graphics (CG) may have been more important than anything, but which part did you care the most about?

First, I studied camera moving or lighting while watching documentary videos. At first I tried to stick to reality rather than cinematic. A new production process was also designed. The part to be done with 100% CG was made with chromakey, and when shooting in person-centered shooting, a sophisticated set was taken and synthesized. Game engine technology was also borrowed to increase speed and quality. The CG part will have a chance to explain further when the movie is released.
Q. Which of the domestic special visual effects (VFX) companies did you work with?

It is not one place. In the meantime, filmmakers have left all of them to a specific company, and the filmmaker, the owner of the filmmaker, has no experts on its own, so it has not been able to properly manage costs and schedules. This time we got help from 6,7 companies. At the same time, the production company Silk Road's supervisor Jung Seong-jin raised the strengths and abilities of each company to the maximum. (Jung Sung-jin, a supervisor, served as the head of Dexter Studios, a representative VFX company in Korea.) In fact, movies with high CG weights are not easy to manage.

Q. However, now, not only in Korea, but also in China and even in Russia, SF movies are getting higher in VFX level… Is it possible to satisfy the audience's eye level? 

** During the interview, the story of the Chinese science fiction movie 'Yurang District' appeared. Launched in China in February 2019, the Yulang District ranked second in China with sales of 780 billion won. Along with overseas companies, domestic 'Dexter Studios' and 'Macrogues' participated in the VFX.
In fact, it is difficult to feel a big difference when the CG quality is above a certain level. It is more important not to compete with CG itself, but to have fun with the audience. In other words, the drama aspect is also important with CG. 'Wow, kill!' Comes out when the characters, story structure, and emotion changes that our audience will love are put on the CG visual. In this respect, the characters, stories, and emotional plays of our films will be much more immersive than Hollywood films.

** Your new movie strategy… It leads to the second part.