[Commentary] In order to support the global fight against the new crown epidemic, and help Guangxi's epidemic prevention material production enterprises to explore overseas markets, a few days ago, Guangxi CCPIT, Guangxi International Chamber of Commerce joint area epidemic prevention material production enterprises and related institutions, initiated the establishment of Guangxi Epidemic Prevention Material Export Alliance The medical and anti-epidemic assets industry in Guangxi is developing towards scale, industrialization, branding and agglomeration.

  [Commentary] The Guangxi Anti-epidemic Materials Export Alliance is based on the principle of "government guidance, enterprises, voluntary participation, and mutual assistance". It is committed to building a global information platform for the supply and demand of epidemic prevention materials. It is a manufacturing, testing, trading, e-commerce, Circulating the whole industry chain platform of epidemic prevention materials, and providing information in fields such as affairs and law, by cultivating new competitive advantages of Guangxi epidemic prevention materials trade, and pushing "Made in Guangxi" to the world.

  [Same period] (Deng Shijun, Secretary General of Guangxi CCPIT)

  The establishment of an alliance can help enterprises in the process of resuming production and production, what problems they encountered, what difficulties they encountered, which blocked points, pain points, then our alliance gathered customs, inspection and quarantine, commerce, industrial credit, FDA Waiting for multiple units to help them come up with solutions to solve the problem and help the company solve the problem of resumption of production, which can help the company to resume production well.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the Alliance has organized a series of online and offline trainings to enable enterprises to understand the latest policies for the export of epidemic prevention products, overseas access certification standards, and export practices. At the same time, it helps companies to coordinate with each other to handle export qualifications, CE certification, FDA certification, etc., and through these series of measures to fight against the "combination punch" of epidemic prevention materials to the sea.

  [Same period] (Qiu Wen, Director of Foreign Trade Department of Textile Source Medical Products Group Co., Ltd.)

  What we mean by joining the alliance is that we need some help from the alliance. For example, in the logistics communication links such as customs declaration, customs clearance, etc., as well as the overseas customer acquisition channel, we need the alliance to establish these interoperable links with various enterprises.

  [Commentary] On April 20, the reporter learned that at present, the export alliance has successively received N95 / KN95 protective masks, disposable medical masks, ventilators, protective clothing, latex gloves, medical equipment from more than 20 countries and regions. Purchase orders for anti-epidemic materials have led to the export of 3.6 million disposable protective masks to Brazil, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries, and a batch of South African medical equipment and latex gloves, with a total amount of more than 20 million yuan.

  Li Aixia, Shao Haiyang, Lu Yanyan and Nanning report

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]