Illustration of parked cars (here in Bordeaux) - Clément Carpentier - 20 Minutes

  • The inhabitants concerned with semi-monthly alternate parking should in theory move their car every fortnight.
  • During this period of confinement, some municipalities deviated from the rule, others did not.

While the coronavirus and containment measures are upsetting our habits, a new question arises for French people living in a municipality concerned by parking, known as "semi-monthly alternate" parking. Normally, this measure (rare in large cities) requires motorists to move their car on one side and the other of the roadway every two weeks (odd side from 1 to 15, even side from 15 to end of the month). Many wonder what conduct to adopt since it is April 1 and that in theory, the instruction is to "stay at home".

In Saint-Nazaire or Rochefort, however, the town hall has warned via its social networks: the rules on alternate parking remain in force. Objective, "to facilitate the collection of household waste", "the cleaning of the streets" or even "the passage of vehicles of the emergency services", remind the cities which decided not to derogate from the rule. "No particular measure has been given by the state," said Bernard Cacace, deputy mayor of Raincy (Seine-Saint-Denis), in a video posted on Facebook. The latter therefore gives permission to residents to leave their homes to move their car, and reassures that "the city has asked the national police services for kindness".

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The agents at @PlaineCommune are not from the NBA, but they are on your team and need your support for the collection pickup tomorrow.
➡️ Respect the alternate parking (which changes on the 1st) and park your car on the right side.

- Épinay-sur-Seine (@epinaysurseine) March 31, 2020

In other municipalities, we don't move

However, some municipalities preferred to suspend this measure. In Drancy, in the Paris region, the objective is "to avoid parking difficulties". Antony also froze the device in order to restrict "unnecessary exits".

It is therefore each town hall which seems to decide but do not drag if you are concerned: the highway code (article R417-2) states that "the change of side takes place on the last day of each of these two periods between 20 h 30 and 21 hours ”. He also said that "any parking contrary to the provisions of this article is punishable by the fine provided for second class fines".


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