I return to Beijing from Hubei

At 10 pm on March 27, a text message from the 12306 ticket purchase system appeared in front of my eyes: "The system has automatically generated your order for you, G4822 times on March 28, Jingzhou Station opens at 11:18."

This means that after staying at my hometown in Hubei for 2 months, I am about to embark on a journey back to Beijing.

A few days ago, I completed the return information registration through the "King of Hearts Help" applet. It passed the review on the afternoon of the 27th. The date and number of trips were also chosen by myself. The rest was waiting.

I completed the order payment within 5 minutes. From this moment on, I no longer have to worry about returning to Beijing. For many people, their new round of work starts from this moment.

"We noticed that you will be taking a special train back to Beijing today. There are several things to dock with you." On the morning of the 28th, I just arrived at Jingzhou Railway Station and received a call from a community worker in Beijing. "Home observation group". Two community residents who returned to Beijing one day earlier than me were reporting body temperature in the group.

These days, I have been paying attention to the return route to Beijing. On the 26th, only two special trains starting from the southeast and northwest of Hubei were opened, and on the 27th, the special trains from the west of Jingzhou to Enshi were added. This is the train I'm on.

Measure body temperature, show health code, check list ... After a series of procedures, hundreds of Jingzhou fellows and I boarded the train going north. Compared with previous "Spring Festival" return trips, the special train passengers are mainly young and middle-aged, and the density of passengers in the carriages is also lower. The dining car and sanitation services are carried out as usual, and the flight attendants will take the temperature of the passengers at different times. As it was almost noon when I got on the bus, the taste of instant noodles soon floated around.

After boarding passengers in Qianjiang and Tianmen respectively, they reached Hankou Station at 12:45. Wuhan has not yet "unblocked", and the platform is empty, with only a few staff on duty. Starting from Hankou Station, no stops will be opened at all stations along the way, only a short stop. After 50 minutes, the train arrived at Xinyang East Station, the first stop after leaving Hubei. For the vast majority of people in the carriages, this is the first time that they have left the province since the "cities closed" across Hubei.

Compared with the rainy days in Hubei, the weather in North China is much better. When the train arrived at Beijing West Railway Station at 17:45, the sun was still bright outside the window.

"Look at the sign, go forward, don't stop." At the exit, the meeting points in the 16 districts of Beijing were lined up. The staff wearing red and blue uniforms or holding a horn or holding a sign were working. Divide passengers by destination. After reporting at the meeting point in Fengtai District, we followed the guide card to walk out of the West Station, and then we took the bus to the next tributary, Fengtai Sports Center.

Arriving at Fengtai Sports Center, when we stepped off the bus, the banner "Thank you for fighting the epidemic, Beijing Fengtai welcomes you home" came to our ears, and the staff greeted us with a "welcome home".

After taking the temperature again, we found the streets to which we belonged and completed the second shunt. Next, take a minibus organized by the streets back to the community. At this time, the companions have been accurate from the same city, same district to the same street and even the same district.

This journey is extremely familiar. I have noticed that every time a returnee returns to the community, the street cadre who is on the bus must talk to the person in charge of the community in advance to make an appointment. Someone is responsible for the whole process.

At about 8 pm, I got off the bus at the gate of the community, waiting for the community worker who was on the phone in the morning. After taking the body temperature for the last time on this trip and signing the "Home Observation Personal Notice", I returned home with him and started a 14-day home isolation. During this time, my courier, takeaway and domestic garbage had to bother him. The community has been closed and controlled since January 27. For him and his colleagues, it must be a long and arduous process.

Affected by the epidemic, about 200,000 people currently stranded in Hubei need to return to Beijing. The story of returning to Beijing like me will continue for some time to come. To be sure, behind every story, there are many unknown people who are sticking and giving. (Reporter Qu Yan)