Kyoto Prefectural Governor Calls on Students to Take Careful Action New Coronavirus March 30 12:19

At Kyoto Sangyo University in Kyoto, eight students were confirmed to be infected by the 29th. All of them attended returnees from overseas trips and farewell parties with returnees.

Kyoto City and Kyoto Prefecture announced on June 29 that five male students in their twenties attending Kyoto Sangyo University in Kita-ku, Kyoto have been infected.

One of them traveled to five European countries, including Spain and France, together with another student who tested positive in Ehime and Ishikawa, and returned to Japan this month.
One out of four has not been infected.

One person from Ehime Prefecture and the other four who were confirmed infected on January 29 reportedly participated in a farewell party for the same seminar held at a restaurant in Kyoto this month.

A woman in her twenties in Uji City, Kyoto, who was confirmed infected on 28th of this month, was also a student at Kyoto Sangyo University, and was participating in a club social gathering with students from Ehime and Ishikawa prefectures on 22nd this month. That is.

The students who were confirmed to be infected at Kyoto Sangyo University were three male students who went abroad, four male students who participated in farewell parties and social gatherings with returnees from this overseas trip, and girls There are a total of eight students.

Following the spread of the infection, Governor Nishiwaki of Kyoto Prefecture held an emergency press conference on the 30th. Said that he would refrain from doing so.

He also called on the students to say, "I think there are many opportunities to get together at entrance and graduation, job hunting, and social gatherings, but I want you to act cautiously to prevent the spread of infection."