Facility for persons with disabilities due to Chiba mass infection divided into danger zone and safety zone to take countermeasures March 30 8:05

At the welfare facilities for persons with disabilities in Higashisho Town, Chiba Prefecture, where outbreaks of the new coronavirus are occurring, 86 people have been confirmed to be infected, and Chiba Prefecture cooperated with national experts to spread the infection inside the facilities We will take measures to divide the area into danger areas and safe areas.

At the Hokuso Nursery Garden, a welfare facility for persons with disabilities in Higashisho-cho, 20 new residents and eight employees' families were confirmed infected on the 29th, and 86 people were found infected. You.

According to the prefecture, the test results of remaining residents are expected to be found after 30 days, and the number of infected people may increase further.

In addition, more than 60 of the residents stayed in private rooms within the facility, arguing that living in a familiar environment is desirable, regardless of whether they were infected or not. As a result, experts pointed out that "it is better to divide the area into areas that are at risk of infection and those that are safe."

For this reason, Chiba Prefecture has a policy to prevent infection from spreading further.

In addition, the facility side explained that six staff members had fever since 10th of this month, and 20 residents had fever all at once on 27th, and how health management was carried out in Chiba Prefecture I'm going to look at things.