615 people from 9 medical teams left yesterday and the Chongqing female doctor who wrote a "love letter" to Wuhan returned home from Wuhan

On March 29th, at the Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley Hotel, medical staff from Chongqing aided Hubei traveled to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. On the same day, 160 medical staff of the eighth batch of medical aid team in Chongqing set off from the hotel and returned to Chongqing. (Photo by Cai Jun, a reporter from Hubei Daily)

Hubei Daily (Reporter Li Yuan) On March 29, 615 members of 9 medical teams including the third batch of medical aid teams in Guangxi and the eighth batch of Chongqing medical aid teams in Chongqing successfully completed the mission to aid Hubei and set off for their return journey.

"Wuhan, my Jiangcheng. I love you and ask for something-I want you to be safe and happy in the years since then." March 13th is the eighth batch of Chongqing medical aid team in Chongqing to come to Han for a month. Days. On the same day, Wang Yue, a medical team member and an endocrinologist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, wrote a "love letter" to Wuhan in a circle of friends. She said that she hoped to convey her feelings to the people of Wuhan and express her love for Wuhan.

"Love lies in giving, and you should ask for a response. It is certain that Wuhan loves you! One day when you return, Jiangcheng is boundless, Guotai Min'an. The alley in Tongkou Heixing Pavilion must be lively and crowded, and the classrooms of Chongren Second Primary School are full of laughter and seasons The beautiful soup, the bean curd of Lao Tongcheng, and the hot and dry noodles of Cai Linji are all dedicated to you. "On the day when Wang Yue wrote the love letter to Wuhan, Xiong Yuewei, a teacher at Central South University for Nationalities, wrote in a reply.

The eighth batch of Chongqing medical aid team is composed of 160 medical staff in the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. Since assisting Wuhan on February 13, it has successively supported Wuhan First Hospital and Wuhan University People's Hospital East Hospital.

Establish temporary ICU in critically ill areas to treat critically ill patients, implement ECMO (External Membrane Lungs), national medical teams that provide psychological crisis interventions for patients and medical staff, use traditional Chinese medicine decoction to treat new coronary pneumonia, and conduct lung rehabilitation training for patients ... in Wuhan The first hospital in the city has a total of 10 medical teams from across the country, and the eighth batch of Chongqing medical aid teams in Chongqing created five "firsts".

On the afternoon of March 29th, the eighth batch of medical aid team in Chongqing was ready to go to the Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley Hotel.

At the scene, Xiong Yuewei, as a citizen representative, and Wang Yue presented gifts to each other, and two protective suits filled with text became the best witness of Chongqing and Hubei.

Wang Yue said that it was the wish of all team members to copy a "love letter to Wuhan" on protective clothing. "Because protective clothing has symbolic significance, it has witnessed the medical team's struggle in Wuhan and is the most suitable place to copy this love letter." The back of the protective suit is the signature of all 160 members of the medical team.

"Thank you all the medical aid workers in Hubei. Upward you are the eternal light in our hearts. This kind of kindness is not enough to express. Awaiting the return of the earth next spring and the recovery of all things, I hope we can welcome you well. Let you see what Wuhan looks like. "Xiong Yuewei said emotionally.

"Wuhan is a heroic city. Chongqing and Wuhan are drinking a river of water together. This time to assist Wuhan is our job to save the lives of our medical workers." Xiao Mingchao, the leader of the Wuhan National Medical Team, assisted the First Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. During the period in Wuhan, I received warm care from the people of Wuhan. Many people spontaneously sent them living materials, and many volunteers helped them to do daily work together. "After more than a month, we feel like we are a family with the people of Wuhan. Wang Yue The love letter written to Wuhan is also how our entire medical team feels about Wuhan. "

According to the plan, on March 30, 851 members of the 10 support E medical team will be evacuated from Hubei.