China News Network, Beijing, March 26th, "Hello, your order has arrived, don't forget to come out and pick it up ..." At noon on the 22nd, Beijing's Shunyi District designated reception hotel staff Liu Yunlei will order meals for guests in room 701. Put it on the table in front of the door. A few minutes later, Mr. Li, who had just returned to China, had his hometown taste as he wished. From the decision to return to the country to be resettled properly, the complex emotions of fatigue, worry and entanglement finally subsided.

The picture shows the staff sending flowers to overseas returnees at the point of isolation

With the increasingly serious epidemic situation overseas, preventing foreign imports has become the top priority of China's war "epidemic". As of 24:00 on March 25, Beijing had reported a total of 149 confirmed cases imported from abroad. Under this situation, the Xinguo Exhibition and Distribution Center has become a large battlefield against epidemic diseases. In addition, many hotels in Shunyi District have been ordered to undertake temporary resettlement tasks.

In order to ensure that immigration personnel will not be stranded after leaving the short-term distribution center from the New China International Exhibition and Distribution Center, do a good job in arranging accommodation for hotels of foreign immigrants and distribution center staff. According to the arrangement, the Shunyi District Culture and Tourism Bureau will lead the establishment of a hotel security team , Launched "tiered hotel prices", "contactless service", "ordering system", "free Internet speedup", "blessing cards" and "love gift packages" such as fruits and flowers.

"Using the most meticulous service and warmest care, it is our responsibility and mission to let workers across the country experience the quality of Shunyi and allow overseas travelers to feel the temperature of the motherland." Said Shen Zhihong, director of the Beijing Shunyi District Culture and Tourism Bureau.

The picture shows Shen Zhihong's inspection and isolation of hotel service guarantee work

Since the Spring Festival, Shen Zhihong has been in position for more than 60 working days. Coordinate and coordinate to ensure the needs of all types of personnel in the area to stay in hotels, comprehensively deploy hotel epidemic management and service tasks, connect with the headquarters and handle various emergencies, sink the frontline to dig hotel resources, and supervise and guide the epidemic prevention work, becoming her job Focus. There are new arrivals diverted from the New China Exhibition at various times of the day. At any time, new situations such as coordinated check-in at the hotel, epidemic prevention and service standards, and unmet personal needs of the guests appear, so it is normal to be on standby 24 hours a day. She can't remember how many times she was still working with the team to make decisions at 2 or 3 in the morning, and her WeChat movement record of 30,000 steps explains everything.

In order to create a warm environment and alleviate the passenger's anxiety, melodious music such as "I and My Motherland" will be heard from time to time in the lobby of 14 designated reception hotels in Beijing's Shunyi District. Letters, "A letter to relatives returning home in Shunyi District" and other warm reminders were also sent to 14 hotels. In addition to publicizing hotel prices, service procedures, supervision telephones and other contents, they were thoughtful and considerate. The caring and caring are also attached. Passengers will receive towels, washbasins and other daily necessities from the hotel immediately after check-in. The room is also decorated with "welcome home" flowers and plentiful fruit platter.

Ms. Wu, who has returned to Beijing from the United States, thinks back to her experience in the past few days. After more than ten hours of long-distance flight, she experienced several hours of queuing and waiting after landing, and the unknown and exhausted body in front made her doubt whether it was correct to return home. It wasn't until she stepped into the hotel that she "feeling home." When I heard "I and my motherland can't be separated for a moment ...", Ms. Wu said that although it was already a touchable age, at that moment, she felt inexplicably blocked her throat.

The picture shows a thank you letter from overseas returnees

Someone is quiet, and some people move forward with a heavy load. Contrary to Mr. Li's relief in Room 701, although the waiter Liu Yunlei was fully armed to serve every time, his heart was still full of nagging. She was afraid that the guests would be infected with the virus and that the guests would be emotional. But it is gratifying that after a few days of getting along, she feels that the guests who are staying are beginning to change quietly. When delivering the meal, the guests said "Thank you" across the door, heard the waiter's footsteps, and then opened the door to pick up the meal. During the cleaning, the guests had sorted the garbage into different categories.

"You promise me three warm winters, and I wish you a good spring." These days, the staff of the Shunyi District Cultural Tourism Bureau stationed in the hotel have received a lot of thank you letters. One of them wrote: Isolating space does not isolate love, isolating viruses does not isolate warmth. Thank you for extending your warm hand in times of crisis to give us understanding and help. May we overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and hug the spring blossoms together! (Finish)