Hong Seok-cheon, a broadcaster, left a long sentence while conveying the heart of the store's closure.

Hong Seok-cheon said on his Instagram today (16th), "It's been about 12 years since I opened, but it's a store that has been open for a day without a break. I have been closed for a while since last week because of Corona 19. I cry. The monthly rent is 9.35 million won That's it, "said Itaewon.

Next, "I'm just thinking about closing and resting. If you are passionate and want to use this space, please contact the people with good content. You can enjoy food, play flea market, shoot YouTube, connect with local governments, and distribute special products ... It can be any content that can be distributed online, "he said," I will pay for the rent. If there is an item you want to introduce, even in a pop-up in the main commercial area of ​​Itaewon, be sure to contact me by direct message. "

In the meantime, he said, "If this is not a good game, you should gather ideas and enthusiasm and work together to help each other. It seems like the answer will come out. Let's start anew. We can't sit down and fall into Corona 19. Let's do our best." Cheer up for everyone, both small and medium-sized companies. Cheer up all those who are trying to prevent the disease. Let's do our best in Korea. ”Corona 19 cheered on people in need.

Most of the netizens who came across the news said, "Thank you for making such a good suggestion," "You'll be upset, but you're so wise and wise. It's like a lamp in difficult situations!", "Is there a building that doesn't cut your rent?", " Itaewon didn't have a good landlord meeting. It's a pity. "" I hope a lot of interested people participate. "

However, in some cases, with regard to ideas such as flea markets, where people gather, "I don't think people can gather. TT TT", "Wouldn't it be better to do nothing and close it? If someone else uses it, there will be no reason to close it. There is also a voice of concern saying, "If you gather, the risk increases."

(Photo = Hong Seokcheon Instagram)

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