(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Female Doctor's "Notepad" in Wuhan Severe Ward: Recording Patient's Appeals on Isolation Clothing

China News Network, Jilin, February 26 (Cangyan Shi Hongyu) Cheng Jing records the patient's "appeal" every time he makes a round. For example: 24 bed tooth mouth is not good, want to eat softer. Bed 15 wants a glass of milk, and bed 23 wants something hot. Cheng Jing will write these "notes" on the isolation clothing.

Cheng Jing has been working in the Sino-French New City Hospital of Wuhan Tongji Hospital for 20 days. While on duty at the doctor's office, she often receives phone calls from patients' families. "There are many elderly people in the West 12 Ward I am in charge of, and their condition is not mild." Cheng Jing, 41, is the attending physician of the Department of Respiratory Diseases of the Affiliated Hospital of Beihua University in Jilin City. During the day of helping Wuhan, she saw patients share with Her "private video".

The videos mostly come from "greets" from the loved ones of the patients. "They will ask their family members how well they are, and some of the children ’s videos to encourage and comfort the patients are full of anxieties for family members they do n’t see." Cheng Jing always "sympathizes" and will Thinking of my mother who was far away from her home bed.

Cheng Jing's daily work

"Since I came to Wuhan, my mother has been worried and nervous every day, and she has pancreatitis. I haven't let my dad tell me that I'm afraid I'll be distracted in Wuhan." Cheng Jing's parents came to the hospital carrying her, or at the clinic The doctor telephoned Cheng Jing to consult her mother's medical history before she knew that her mother was ill.

"During the hospitalization of my mother, the leaders, colleagues and friends in the hospital have been taking care of my mother, and they are even more considerate than me." According to Cheng Jing, the mother and Wuhan in Jilin's bed The mothers on the beds were all mothers. "I will do my best to reunite these moms and family as soon as possible."

An 80-year-old grandmother was the first patient Cheng Jing admitted to in Wuhan.

"Her hair was a little messy, her face was haggard, and she was lying weakly on the hospital bed. I felt some pain in her heart. My grandmother was so old that she was uncomfortable because of her illness, but because of her special disease, she was alone." Cheng Jing It was said that the grandmother had had fever, cough and chest tightness for 5 days. She had been treated in a community hospital before and her condition did not improve significantly.

Fatigue Cheng Jing leaning on the wall

"I asked her if she had a loved one to see her at the doctor's office. She told us her phone number." Her grandmother suddenly had wet eyes and said to Cheng Jing, "My daughter came with me, but she was infected and hospitalized yesterday. Ward, I don't know what happened to her now. "

Cheng Jing choked a little. "It's not easy for the grandmother, it's not easy for the people in Wuhan. I assure the grandmother that with us, we will take good care of her and let her reunite with her daughter as soon as possible." Cheng Jing comforted her with antiviral drugs and cough and sputum medication. With treatment. "It is estimated that grandma was sick or tired, and with sleepiness, we quietly left the ward."

The weather in Wuhan is getting warmer, and the camellia under the hotel where Cheng Jing lives is also blooming. For Cheng Jing and most doctors, daily breakfast is especially important. "We have to work for 8 hours. We usually have no chance to eat at noon, so we should try to eat high-calorie food for breakfast." Eggs, milk, buns, and chocolate are essential for Cheng Jing's breakfast. "Eat more, be physically fit and hungry."

Cheng Jing is responsible for patients from 18 to 34 beds. In addition to daily testing and virus testing, we also need to pay attention to the needs of each patient. "During the rounds, some patients will make dietary requirements, such as those who want to eat soft and hot." In this regard, Cheng Jing will record these demands on the isolation clothes of the nurses in the same class: 24 beds soft, 23 beds hot , And then tell the nurse to meet the patient's requirements one by one. "This is a walking notebook." Cheng Jing said with a smile. (Finish)