Scheduled for early June in Paris, the We Love Green festival also decided to deprogram the rapper Koba LaD on Wednesday, who relayed on his social networks the approval of a homophobic infanticide. The artist has already been deprogrammed by several festivals including the Main Square Festival in Arras, the Garorock in Marmande, the Dour Festival in Belgium, and the VYV Festival in Dijon. We Love Green explains on Twitter that he "has always defended diversity and respect for others". "Despite the artist's public apologies for his clumsiness, the ideas conveyed are contrary to the mood of the festival," add the organizers.


- WE LOVE GREEN (@WeLoveGreen) February 19, 2020

"Inappropriate and insufficient" excuses "" for SOS Homophobia

SOS Homophobie joined "the wave of indignation following the intolerable innuendos of rapper Koba LaD who rejoices in the murder of a young gay man". "His inappropriate and insufficient" excuses "are struggling to hide the uninhibited homophobia he has demonstrated," tweeted the national association fighting against LGBTphobias. The rapper had relayed on his Snapchat account the screenshot of a press article titled: "This father kills his own 14 year old son because he was gay". This image was accompanied by an emoji of two hands clasping and the legend "Well done".

In two videos on his social networks, the rapper tried to defend himself. “I am not homophobic, each for himself, god for all. I do not endorse the murder at all, nor the gay child, nothing to do, off topic, it is a misunderstanding. It should be emphasized that the screen, the hands that shake, the "well done", it was not me who marked it ", can we first see. Koba LaD specifies that he shared this capture in his "funnel". Then, in a second filmed sequence, he said that he had "expressed badly", before adding: "I do not endorse the murder. After the gay child frankly… each for himself, god for all, here, there I am on vacation, stop taking my head ”.


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