No new pneumonia mask! 19:00 on January 29, even in a shortage of goods due to a significant increase in sales

In anticipation of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the sales of masks at drugstores in Tokyo have increased significantly, and there are still some shortages.

Of these, at drug stores in Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, mask sales have increased about five times as much as usual.

On the 29th, the masks and alcohol disinfectants that had been lined up when the store opened in the morning were almost sold out in the morning, and after the clerk replenished 50 boxes of boxed masks that arrived after noon, they were sold one after another on the shelves.

Some products sell out in less than 5 minutes after they are lined up, and depending on the store, this situation has been going on since the beginning of the Chinese New Year holiday.

"I bought a lot of masks, but I will send them to my family and friends in Fujian Province," said a 24-year-old Chinese student who bought about 10 boxes of boxed masks.

According to Kazuki Sunamoto, Manager of Michisato Pharmaceutical Udagawa Store, "When the products to be replenished arrive, people appear from somewhere and they can sell them out. Yes. "