The State Duma consolidated in the first reading adopted the presidential package of amendments to the Constitution of the country. Already, this whole process is called historical, and this is actually so.

Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that a number of amendments were connected with "the lack of proper balance in the system of checks and balances of the branches of power, and a tilt in favor of the executive branch of power."

The fact that Parliament needs more powers, Volodin repeatedly spoke out last year. In the summer, he published his programmatic article with the saying, “Living Constitution for Development.”

Then he talked about the need for “precise adjustments” of the basic law, that the Duma should participate in coordinating the appointment of ministers, about the same balance of power, about the lack of a “connection between the levels of public power” and that the social rights of citizens should be spelled out. He reminded about the conditions under which the fundamental law was adopted. They are well known to everyone: after the tank volleys at the White House and the subsequent dispersal of the Russian parliament. The kink of that situation was corrected, and now it is time to write it in the Constitution. Moreover, this is not done behind the scenes, not in the format of local discussion and decision-making at the top, but with an application for taking into account the opinions of citizens of the country.

Earlier, opposition critics of constitutional amendments, as a rule, were lamented over the need for changes so that the “mover” was in society. So that there is a constant change of characters, so that the plots regularly change, so that everything is like in a show or series. We are waiting for change and all that. They said that everything was stiff, and called the current realities a new stagnation. But as soon as the changes began, all the ardent “perestroika” suddenly became Orthodox conservatives on the verge of hypocrisy and hypocrisy.

However, all this is understandable, because the main ideology and dogma of this whole audience: "Russia without Putin." The thought did not go further and deeper. Then something happened and somehow, shish yes emptiness. And so the magic formula, which has miraculous properties.

Similar recipes for quick happiness, along with the miracle of starvation, as well as Kashpirovsky’s sessions, were absorbed by a large country in perestroika times. Here we will throw off the oppression of the Communists, take away the privileges from the nomenclature, and a year, two, five hundred days, and the sun will come out from behind the clouds. True, then I had to add a lot of things to the brew of a quick bright future, as in the recipe for making porridge from an ax. To such an extent that it seemed as if there was nothing around, sheer illusions and deceptions, that was all crackling ...

Time has passed. That melody of mirages was forgotten, and they are eager to lose it again. Therefore, they buried themselves in power, there are no other ideas, and they cannot arise, because the spirit of nihilism is bubbling there and asking outside. So it goes that soon Alena Vodonaeva will become a protest icon, because there are no thoughts or ideas there, except for denial and a nihilistic Kumar.

They passionately and fiercely defend the reality from which the Russian Constitution emerged. There, the shooting of the parliament is the highest achievement of democracy, and if you are dissatisfied, then - "Crush the reptile!" Hence the frenzy, because for them it was the time of the “Holy Nineties,” “a wonderful decade,” when their bonds held the country together and strangled it, but gave joy and prosperity to a narrow circle of initiates and people involved.

In the case of amendments to the Constitution, we just see a confrontation between two realities: a riot of chaos of the nineties and modern sovereign Russia. This is not wall to wall, but the emotional stress is great.

It also arose because Putin’s constitutional amendments essentially cross out the proposed project of “Perestroika 2.0”, which means they portend the collapse of revanchist forces, which “plowed” a fair amount of time. This is the main sadness of critics. Moreover, the amendments are not the release of steam, but the elimination of the conditions for such a civilizational coup.

It should be understood that the Constitution does not at all rewrite and is not amended to suit the political agenda, but is updated in the spirit of the realities in which the country now lives, what it is oriented to and which way it is going to. And, what is it to be cunning, that same 93rd year was seriously imprinted on the main law of the country. This inertia should long be eliminated and overcome.

Remember how much criticism there was about the appearance of the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg. Everyone saw different things in him. Someone has the spirit of freedom and democracy, as well as seven days of the creation of a new Russia. Others are a symbol of decay and chaos.

There were many disputes, but, probably, the appearance of this symbolic building had a special logic: sealing that reality and transferring it to the periphery, and not at all a war with it. So our society is gradually overcoming the strife, laid down even in the rampant times of decay energies.

And in this regard, an important and fundamental achievement of the path of sovereignty that Russia is following is the approval of the priority of the domestic Constitution over international agreements and legislation. The apologists of universal humanity, who led the round dance in perestroika and all the nineties, of course, will cry out that the country is once again building the Iron Curtain and turning off the civilization highway into its impassable jungle ...

Another fundamental point that brings the Constitution back to reality is the nationalization of the elites. Only the lazy in recent years has not cracked officials of all stripes, politicians and those in power for their passionate love for foreign countries. For a fan of citizenship, for a heap of real estate, for treatment and teaching for a cordon, for a magnificent life in foreign shrubs and curly-beams, where they do not deny themselves anything. But as soon as they decided to fight at the state level with the philosophy of these migratory birds, raised on mixed fodders of that era of decay and chaos, they cried out differently. And about the infringement of political rights, and about attempts through prohibitions that allegedly violate the rights of citizens to strangle their love for foreign countries and freedom there. In this case, only one imperative spins in my head: “It's time to blame!”

But in fact, what is happening is a fundamental thing for the future of the country. So this very future is being assembled and formulated, including through a new appeal to politics. This is the purification and transformation of its elites, their turn to Russia. All this is fundamentally different from what the same nineties were prescribed to us, when no one owed anything to anyone. But now, society and citizens have a duty and responsibility. For the fate of the country in the first place.

The third and principal point of criticism is the State Council. With him are associated remarks about the coup and other horrors, as well as movement along the Chinese path.

But all this sounds the same as, for example, in the late eighties - the demands of academician Andrei Sakharov to recall the Soviet ambassador from China in protest against the events in Tiananmen Square.

As you know, the students who organized the protest there wanted acceleration of reforms and something similar to Gorbachev's perestroika. As a result, the Soviet Union collapsed in the worst possible scenario, and China not only resisted the temptation to fall into the abyss, but also moved to a new round of development. After three decades, you can already draw some conclusions on this subject and learn from it.

The State Council is the guarantor of continuity so that there is no temptation to abrupt and ill-considered movements and drafts of all the previous. Still, the last decades have saved the country from shocks, and this is a lot. The State Council and the strengthening role of parliament is a way to overcome dependence on leadership centrism. Tomorrow the leader will leave, and that everything will collapse? In order not to collapse, and proposed constitutional changes. Moreover, according to the State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, Russia sets the standards for "wider democracy."

Arguing with nostalgia for the USSR, as well as alleged attempts at its restoration, they simply want to return us to that decayed reality, from which the new Russian Constitution emerged from the heat. Then it became a saving sole magnet for a decaying society that has lost all sorts of landmarks and is on the verge of an internal confrontation. This “magnet” was created in a situation of a certain consensus and concessions to that reality, therefore, changes have long been ripened.

This is also evidenced by the fact that the State Duma voted unanimously for the amendments in the first reading, they were supported by all four fractions, no one went to get political dividends in this situation. That says a lot.

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin noted that this is how the country proceeds to the “Constitution of direct action, especially in the field of social policy, social state”, because a number of social guarantees are also prescribed in the main law.

“The Constitution of direct action” sounds good, because in the inertia that our country is getting rid of, there was neither business nor creation, and social was replaced by shock. Now the decaying reality is being expelled from our lives. Not everyone likes it. Well, that’s understandable ...

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