Do not try to hide because it is very likely that you also shared images of yourself while practicing sex.

There is no doubt, digitalization has generated many changes in personal relationships and, in the sexual field, it could not be less. In fact, perhaps sex is one of the aspects that has been most affected.

The new forms of seduction and sexual encounters have adapted to the current lifestyle where smartphones, social networks and contact apps set the standards. Due to this situation, LELO, the renowned brand of luxury erotic toys, has conducted an international survey that reflects the current importance of the internet in our sexuality.

According to this study, a third of the population has had intimate relationships with people they have met on social networks and 66% have been satisfied , stating that this experience was "up to expectations."

In this sense, Alberto Gooding, responsible for communication of LELO in Spain, points out that "we lived in an era of constant evolution. Not many years ago, someone close to us told us that he had had sex with a person whom he had met Internet was an isolated event, and even controversial. "


According to research from Stanford and New Mexico universities, conducted by Michael Rosenfeld, Sonia Hausen and Reuben Thomas in 1995, only 2% of Americans used online tools for sex and love . In the 90s of the last century, 35% of people were paired with acquaintances of their friends (35%).

Currently, almost 40% of couples are known online, a percentage that rises to 60% in the case of homosexual relationships ; 27%, on the other hand, opts for the bars, although it is true that most use these places to devirtualize after fixing the online hangout.

"Times have changed and meeting sexual partners through the network has become an upward trend and we are increasingly familiar with these new ways of socializing," adds Gooding.

Starting from this scenario, it is very likely, therefore, that this evolution radically affects the rest of our sexual behaviors.


"The digitalization of sex is a fact that, although at the beginning caused some skepticism, a gap has been opened in society. However, although there is still a large part of the population that has not had intimate encounters with people who have known virtually, half declares that she would be willing to try it, "says Gooding.

In the development of new forms of flirting, the use of the mobile phone is essential. The sending of sexual messages or erotic content has become widespread among the population to such an extent that 60% of respondents declare that this practice, known as sexting, is part of their sexual life.

Even 1 in 5 points out that they have shared images taken while practicing sex , according to the information provided by LELO. In these cases, there was always consent from the parties involved, a fact that, unfortunately, does not always occur.

22% of the interviewees declare having a 'secret' profile in networks that they use as a weapon of seduction. This, which may seem tremendously attractive, because of the mystery and attraction to the unknown, may carry some risks.

In any case, having a free attitude towards new sexual practices and discovering other forms of personal communication is something very positive for sexual life. And, once again, comprehensive sexuality education will help us make use of them with responsibility and greater security.

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