In August 2019, a Twitter user wrote: '' I love to see how the entire film industry is based on 'remakes' of movies starring Kirsten Dunst. 'Little Women', 'Spiderman', 'Jumanji' ... She's the boss in this city. '' The assessment received 23,200 likes and was replicated 2,800 times.

At just 37 years old, the New Jersey actress already has pop icon status. Not surprisingly, it adds three decades of success in Hollywood. Since its debut in 1989 by Woody Allen in 'Stories of New York', the versatile performer has carved a name in the history of cinema with referents of mass culture such as the teen comedy 'A for all' (Peyton Reed, 2000) and celebrated titles of the author's cinema, case of 'The Virgin Suicides' (Sofia Coppola, 2000) and 'Forget Me!' (Michel Gondry, 2004). However, she has never been nominated for an Oscar, only for the Golden Globe for her precocious role in Interview with the Vampire (Neil Jordan, 1994) and for a secondary role (magnificent, yes) in the second season of the Fargo series (HBO).

In any case, this past November 25, Dunst ascended several more steps in his career with the premiere of a comedy of black humor starring and produced by herself: Become God in Florida, based on pyramidal scams Herbalife type. The critic has seen it very clear: it is his best role to date, and at least he should aspire, if not to rise, with the Golden Globe and the Emmy.

I DONATE Where was your interest born in participating in a series about scams of this type, a priori so little sexy? Kirsten Dunst I got involved because reading the script I was amazed at the character. The truth is that I had no idea of ​​these scandals. For me it was something absolutely new (I didn't know any affected, for example). Many poor and hopeless people were deceived ... Now, with internet, these types of scams are more exposed. What have been the advantages of assuming executive production? Mainly, greater creative control. When you take over the production of a series you take a risk, so I surrounded myself with excellent professionals who are also my friends, such as the director of photography, the costume designer or part of the actors. All are my absolute trust. I felt very supported with them. I imagine giving Alexander Skarsgård the role of your husband is part of that creative control ... We repeat as a couple, because we already work together in 'Melancholy' (Lars von Trier, 2011). In that shoot I realized how fun it is and its potential for comedy, in which it seems that nobody repairs. In fact, everyone was asking me if I was sure of my decision. I had it very clear. That hidden talent had to be exploited. In 'Melancolia' you planted it on the altar and now [attention, spoiler !!] a crocodile eats it. I doubt that he wants to fall in love with you again in fiction. You're right. Poor. But what's great on paper? We laughed a lot. He is good at playing tontorrón.You have stated that there are times when you get sick when you see yourself on the screen. This time too? I don't like to see myself, really. I am very embarrassed. It's like when you hear your voice on an answering machine ... In fact, I haven't seen the last two chapters yet. But I assure you that I am very proud of this work, I have healed it a lot. Your character, Crystal, is reluctant to get involved in the fraudulent enterprise, but finally gives in. Have you ever been strongly stressed to play a role until you have accepted? No, never. But now it starts to happen to me, because I just had a child, so it's hard for me to get involved in new projects. Especially in a television series, because you know that it will take a long time and that the working hours are very long. That was the only element that was deterring me. Did you regret getting into this project throughout the shooting? In fact, there was a moment when I saw myself crying to my mother-in-law, because she helps me with the baby . I was so tired physically, my character is so energetic, that I felt overwhelmed. How has your relationship with work changed since motherhood? There is a freedom that is linked to becoming a mother. You don't give a damn what others think of you. You feel braver. In my case at least, I have stopped caring what the others will think when I choose a paper, to what extent do you identify with this phrase that Crystal says in the second chapter: `` I'm tired of being strong, I just want to be happy. '' My situation is different from yours, I can rely on my family, it is my pillar. She, on the other hand, has been widowed, has a small girl and does not have financial or human support. Did it give you to review your movies and think about what your proud son will feel when he is older? I think it is very cool that in the future I can see how I was, for example, at age 13, what he looked like before he was his mother, how he acted ... All my life is documented in movies, so I think that availability at his disposal will be something very special.

It was precisely on a set, that of 'Fargo', where Kirsten met his partner and father of his firstborn, actor Jesse Plemons (in the series both gave life to a marriage). When the actress was recognized this summer with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she moved her to tears with these words: `` You are unique. The best woman I know. I feel very lucky to have you in my life and Hollywood Boulevard is very lucky to have you on your sidewalk. '' Together they will star in Jane Campion's next film, the thriller The Power of the Dog, inspired by Don Winslow's eponymous novel. The director of The piano sent her a letter in 2001 that the actress has kept as an amulet, because she hoped to work with her one day. "Imagine how excited I am," he confessed to us.

Kirsten Dunst during the California premiere of the series "Becoming God in Florida".

You claim not to feel recognized by the industry. And the truth is that you have only been awarded outside, specifically, in Cannes in 2011 by Melancolía. It's not about the absence of awards, it's something else. Today, for example, I am recognized for films like 'María Antonieta' (Sofia Coppola, 2006) or 'Muérete, bonita' (Michael Patrick Jann, 2000), which at the time obtained bad reviews. It's funny that I like it now for films that were despised then. Does the star compensate you on the Walk of Fame? It was amazing. And it's crazy to think that my name is going to be printed on a tile forever. How much do you think the industry has to do with resisting the physical impositions of Hollywood? Maybe it has to do with that I have never entered his game. I don't know. Your fangs are precisely one of your physical hallmarks. Have you ever been asked to correct them with orthodontics? Yes, as a youngster. A Spider-Man producer (Sam Raimi, 2002) told me to fix my teeth before rolling and I replied that I didn't even speak. Impeccably aligned dentures take away people's personality. Maybe you could channel that dislike by making one of your teenage dreams come true. Do you still want to play a serial killer? Oops, no, at this moment in my life I feel more like making a musical.

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