We are living the end of the decade that has completed its centenary of Hollywood and is now 105 years old, while cinema age as an invention is just 130 years or less. Hollywood is facing a new and unique challenge that appears that it is really unable to come up with a viable solution to face it which is Streaming, that is, streaming video and audio data abundantly across the Internet in homes, so that the user can freely move between scenes and stop them, as it is called broadcast over the Internet.

The Netflix monster and its original productions are exporting "Streaming" services and have imposed themselves as an inevitable alternative to cinema. Besides the monster, broken monsters came to eat their share of the cinema, and these are "Apple", "Amazon", "Hulu" and "Disney", which decided to put a foot in the cinema and made another on the Internet, in addition to some other small monsters that are satisfied with the margin to satisfy the tastes other than Prevailing.

Disney, NBC Universal and Warner Media own cable services, and when they realized that going into the "Streaming Wars" was less expensive than maintaining the old paradigm, these companies decided to switch to Internet broadcasting.

The new contract will offer more options for movies and series outside the cinema, with the exception of Disney, which controls 41% of the global box office. But we will stop to see the economic cost of these services versus the cinema.

The annual Netflix subscription costs 672 dirhams, and if we add the Apple subscription 240 dirhams annually, and Disney Plus 256 dirhams annually, and these three services are the closest to entering the market in the country, then the total subscription in the three: 1148. We will be satisfied with them.

Library Each of these services needs a month or more to check their content. Each one has a special application that opens on any device you want.

The cost of watching a movie in the cinema every 48 weeks of the year is between 2000 and 3000 according to the price of the ticket (ordinary seat or leather), not including the price of food, which if you put it in the calculation would be between 1000 and 2000 annually if the food was just popcorn and soft drinks (large size). If we add other things, the amount reaches 3500 dirhams.

That means we spend approximately 6,500 dirhams annually on movies in a regular lounge. We come to luxurious lounges and the price of its ticket is between 150 and 200 dirhams without food. It means between 8000 and 9000 dirhams annually. And with food between 300 and 400 dirhams, that means the amount approaches 20 thousand dirhams per year if a person goes to it every week of the year.

Available in cinema from movies in one cinema complex in any mall is between 14 and 22 films only, most of which are intended for teenagers and other communities from the continent of Asia. Of the 48 or 50 movies we might watch in the cinema every week, only 10 or fewer impress us.

In Arabic: "Streaming" monsters succeeded in the coup against the prevailing Hollywood system a century ago. It was an unprecedented success. Among the signs of the end of any industry are the emergence of alternatives and poor supply, the largest studios retreat from cinematography and preference for showing through their online platform, and signs of titration are increasing prices and offering Mostly fraudulent services.


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