The “Memory of the Nation” pavilion at the Sheikh Zayed Festival is an important destination for visitors interested in learning about the history of the Emirates, through rare memorial photos, historical documents and rare archival videos presented by the National Archives in the pavilion to introduce visitors to the Iraq’s tradition and originality, and the atmosphere of tolerance that Emirati society has experienced since the announcement The establishment of the Union State until today.

The Pavilion of “Memory of the Nation” narrates through more than one corner of the union’s march and the efforts of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, to build a modern state based on tolerance and respect for the other, as the pavilion leads the corner of “My Story” which tells the story of the “National Archives” Since its establishment in 1968 until the present time, it is adjacent to it by the “Congress” corner, which is interested in hosting the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for the Council of Archives from 16-20 November 2020 to review the vital role that archive services contribute to in the 21st century, through artificial intelligence, sustainable knowledge and challenges faced by evidence. , Trust in archives and record keeping.

The story of the union

The visitor's pavilion moves to the leadership's achievements since the founding of the Union State until the present day, as it touches on the story of the Union and declaring the establishment of the United Arab Emirates through displaying memorial photos, archival documents and extracts from films that are newly mentioned.

And one of the pillars of the pavilion touches on the UAE’s ancient culture in various aspects, and another corner also cares about tolerance, explaining that the Emirates is a tolerant country and promotes the values ​​of tolerance since its establishment, and that its approach is based on tolerance with all human beings and beliefs, which made it an oasis for coexistence and cross-fertilization of cultures And civilizations around the world through the communities of more than 200 countries living on their land in security, safety, tolerance and peace. Then the pavilion turns to the word "impossible" that is not found in any Emirati dictionary, as it displays a number of documents via smart screens that illustrate the efforts of the rational leadership in overcoming the difficulties in front of The word impossible.

And one of the staff members takes the pavilion on a trip to get acquainted with the ways of restoring historical documents, as one of the experts in this field works to restore the documents directly in front of the visitors and introduce them to the methods and foundations of preserving them in the National Archives.

“In the footsteps of Zayed”

While the “On the Footsteps of Zayed” corner displays through a large smart screen many videos and pictures that illustrate the approach of the late Sheikh Zayed in many matters such as Sheikh Zayed’s diplomacy, Zayed and Agriculture, Zayed and Heritage, Zayed and education, and his interest - may God rest his soul - with the element The human being and his development, as well as the national projects that he launched and was keen on pursuing and developing.

The last corner of the pavilion is concerned with education, as it explains to children the importance of education through many smart applications on tablets, the importance of the union, its history and the most important achievements of the state. The pavilion also contains a library that includes many books and literature issued by the National Archives as a kind of public education and those interested in archiving sciences and history Emirates in general.

Message to Raeel

The visitor’s tour of the National Archives pavilion on the external square ends in front of a smart screen displaying videos of a selection of the sayings of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, in which he addressed various areas, which is a moral guidance for the current generation and the festival audience to get to know the father’s thought The founder and his outlook for the Emirates since its inception.