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Video .. Victorine Moran - Inspired by red hair and worn shades


In a society dominated by men in all its fields, and in the nineteenth century, it was not easy for a young working class to achieve her ambition as a painter, nor was it easy to ignore any opportunity to live, so how can a beautiful and poor girl expect that she will turn in the eyes of Everyone, because of the plate

In a society dominated by men in all its fields, and in the nineteenth century, it was not easy for a young working class to achieve her ambition as a painter, nor was it easy to ignore any opportunity to live, so how can a beautiful and poor girl expect that she will turn in the eyes of Everyone, due to a painting that has become one of the most famous works of French painter Edward Manet, has become a passionate and alcoholic saleswoman.

The main focus of many paintings of a group of famous Parisian painters, and in the most important paintings of Edward Manet, a girl with fiery red hair, was the hero of his most famous and controversial paintings, completely naked, and not as legendary gods as usual, but as a lover or concubine, and this was the image that did not come out From her frame Victorine Morin, the ambitious painter who lived a mysterious life and had an unreal history for more than a century, but she was able, despite all of this, to display her paintings in the most important exhibitions of Paris at that time «Paris Salon».

The little girl

Victorine Louis Morin was born in Paris on February 18, 1844, to a poor family of craftsmen, where her mother was working as a hat maker, while her father worked in the field of changing and antique bronze, but the art was inherent to her from a young age, where she was skilled in playing The guitar, the violin, also had a beautiful sound.

For Moran, the matter did not stop at music, but she also had a hidden tendency to draw, which made her work as a model at the Thomas Couture studio for painting at the age of sixteen, as it is believed that she learned the principles of drawing in the studio for women in the studio, and it may be the place that I met In it to the French painter Edward Manet.


Moran worked for his first time at the age of eighteen, on the street singer painting, during the period when the poet and friend of the painter Charles Baudelaire urged his friends to search for inspiration in contemporary daily scenes, to capture what he called "the heroes of daily life", and Moran the Sahba The little wobbles with her guitar, the singer in the local cafes, and the teacher of music lessons in both machines, conform to these specifications, and quickly became a German inspiration throughout the 1860s.

Victorin also positioned painters of Manet's friends, such as French painter Edgar Degas, and French Beauvais de Chavannes, as well as Belgian Alfred Stevens, with whom she had a romantic relationship. With an incandescent beauty, Victorin was also known for her slim figure, sheer, and bright red hair, which made her carry the pseudonym "La Crevette" or the shrimp seed.

Lunch on the lawn

Despite the great controversy that Manet's paintings will cause, Moran insisted on taking risks and sitting in front of him, especially when seeing the relationship from the angle of Moran, the 18-year-old poor girl, who holds a secret ambition to become a painter, a German, a thirtieth, a rich, an aristocratic, and a rising painter, Who found in her interesting thoughts and discussions the ideal inspiration. In a conservative French society, Victor Morin turned into a notorious girl, after Edward Manet shocked the Parisians with his display of a "lunch on the grass" painting in 1863, in which viewers ’reactions varied between laughter and intense anger, while some of them expressed this anger by attacking Painting.

Although Manet portrayed Morin naked in this painting, the erotic side of it is completely absent, as the two men dressed in their entire adornment are busy talking, completely ignoring the beautiful reds that just came out of the river, and the other still playing in the water in her transparent dress, as if it were Innocent lunch on the grass.


Manet not only raised the European art scene and French society with "lunch on the lawn", but also presented another portrait of Moran, in which she lay without cover, which is the "Olympia" painting that was presented the same year, and in both panels Manet presented this young woman in Courtesan portrait, which completely distorted the image of Victorine Morin, and made society describe her as a notorious prostitute.

Drawing lessons

Moran continued to work with Manet as a model until the early 1870s, during which time she began taking special lessons in painting, after which they separated, as she was inclined to the classic academic style of painting, which Manet was objecting to.

In 1875 Moran began taking lessons with the portrait painter Etienne Leroy, to be exhibited in the year following her first artwork at the Paris Salon, the same period in which the ancient Salon Committee refused to display paintings by Edward Manet.

Moran did not stop drawing, but her enthusiasm accepted her work, continued to fulfill her ambitions and hung one of her paintings at the Art Academy in 1879, and in the same room in which she exhibited a German painting, and also continued to display paintings in exhibitions in 1885 and 1904.


Each achievement has its own story, which differs with the difference of its owner and his perception of what surrounds him, whether it is a painting, carved, engineering design, fashion group, or an event that changed the course of history. Whatever the work differs in its composition, and the invisible strings that formed it, which only the eye of its owner sees, the inspiring personality remains the only criterion that does not change, and that mysterious and controversial relationship remains the real spark that provokes innovation .. Who are the inspirers in history?

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