Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Dubai Government’s media office, in partnership with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, has revealed the completion of three creative works in Al Saada Street in the heart of Dubai, coinciding with the UAE’s 48th National Day celebration and in the framework of the “Dubai Technical Museum” pursuant to the vision and direction His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform Dubai into an open museum, and within the creative projects that "Brand Dubai" undertakes in this context with a group of Emirati and international artists.

Within the framework of the partnership, three huge murals were implemented on three of the authority’s subsidiary buildings along the Happiness Street, within the fifth stage of the “Dubai Art Museum”, and in one of the most vital areas in the Emirate of Dubai, with its vital installations that include a large part of the community. Businesses in the emirate, including: the Emirates Towers, the Dubai International Financial Center, and the Dubai World Trade Center, as well as a group of hotels that meet the needs of the region, which is the most attractive to visitors throughout the year, especially within the business tourism sector.

The design of the three works was taken into account, drawing inspiration from the spirit of Dubai and highlighting the meanings and values ​​that have long been associated with its name in the past and in the modern, where during this phase of the museum the focus was on the values ​​of ambition, happiness and interest in pioneering the future, so that the works are a mirror of the nature of the surrounding region, which is one of the most vital neighborhoods of business, Which is closely related to those values ​​due to its special nature, especially as it contains the great cultural and scientific edifice represented by the "Museum of the Future", which gives its splendid design to employ Arabic calligraphy in building its exterior structure another important aesthetic glimpse of the place.

Important values

Khawla Al Muhairi, Executive Vice President of the Government’s Strategic and Communications Sector in the Dubai Electricity and Water Sector, said: “We are pleased to cooperate with (Brand Dubai) in achieving the vision and directions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform Dubai. To an open art museum, and to highlight its identity as one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in the world. The project supports our shared vision in highlighting the role of the arts as a human value that contributes to promoting happiness by converting the walls of the authority’s distribution stations into artistic murals implemented by a group of prominent local and international artists, to express the identity of modern Dubai and what it symbolizes as a center of creativity, and reflects the cultural achievement and cultural diversity of the emirate Dubai ».

The Director of Corporate Identity at Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Fatima Miran, pointed out the importance of the places chosen for the implementation of these artistic works, because of the importance of that region as a vital point in the city, including its facilities, institutions and major landmarks for the city of Dubai, and said: «represents This site is a magnet for large numbers of visitors, which enhances the value and impact of these creations that thousands of people will see daily, whether working in that region or its visitors, as it is one of the most important business areas in Dubai, as well as being a site for important tourist attractions, among the most prominent Dubai Museum for the Future ».

Aesthetic component

"We are pleased that these murals are implemented on the authority’s facilities, so that its walls turn into a beauty component in a vital area of ​​Dubai that enjoys a high density of residents, employees and visitors," said Director of Brand Dubai, Nihal Badri.

Badri clarified that “Dubai Art Museum” is the result of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who made creativity and innovative thought the pillar of the work and life system in Dubai, noting that Brand Dubai was keen to cooperate with Emirati creators, and from all over the world, Reflects Dubai’s approach as a land for talents and creative energies from everywhere, and cited the support of Brand Dubai partners from government and semi-governmental departments, bodies and institutions in achieving the project’s goals, and spreading more creativity navigators throughout Dubai.

Success, happiness and future

Shaima Al Suwaidi, Director of Creative Projects at Brand Dubai, explained that the three works included in the project were executed by four creators from inside and outside the country, they are: Emirati artists Sakkaf Al Hashemi, Mohamed Hussein Al-Tamimi, international artist Leon Care, and the Croatian artist Lunak, according to the criteria set by Brand Dubai to exit the work carried out within that stage at the desired level of accuracy and creativity. Al Suwaidi expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the artists who participated in the implementation of these works, and for their cooperation in highlighting the meanings that these paintings carry in an expressive manner that enhances the project’s message, and helps to deliver the intended message behind each work of affirming the values ​​and concepts that gave Dubai its distinction and splendor as an Arab city Affiliation is universal in character.

Concepts of victory

The mural, which is located near the stables of Zabeel, and implemented by the artist Lunak, shows the image of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on his horseback, waving the sign of victory, after His Highness won one of the races of ability, which is one of the most important symbols in the world, confirming the concepts The happiness, victory, victory and success that His Highness instilled in the hearts of all the sons and daughters of the Emirates, and made it one of the main foundations of life in our country.

Emirati artist Mohamed Hussein Tamimi also participated in the implementation of this mural by implementing an important component of the mural, which is a poetic house from one of the poems of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in which His Highness expresses his passion and attachment to horses.

Great ambitions

The artist Saqqaf Al Hashemi implemented a painting showing the first Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri with his space costume flying in the field of zero gravity, waving the triple emblem created by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and next to Al Mansouri is an Emirati child and girl holding the state flag and raising it high, In formation symbolizes the great aspirations that the Emirati holds for the future of their country.

the future

The third creative work within the project, which was executed by the Dutch painter Leon Kerr, one of the most famous mural artists in the world, touching another aspect of Dubai’s focus on the future, where the huge mural «Solar» appears in a combination of two elements closely related The future and its technologies.