Yamagata prefectural police uniform bid rigging or public entry into five companies on November 22, 16:52

The Fair Trade Commission had inspected five companies, including local department stores, on suspicion of violating the Antimonopoly Act, allegedly having repeated rigging over bids for uniforms of Yamagata Prefectural Police ordered by Yamagata Prefecture. I understand.

On-site inspections were conducted by five companies, including Onuma, a department store in Yamagata City, Midori Safety Yamagata, a clothing store, and Nakai, a department store in Fukushima City.

According to officials, the five companies are suspected of violating the Antimonopoly Act as they repeatedly rigged bids for Yamagata Prefectural Police uniforms and winter clothes ordered by Yamagata Prefecture.

The amount of orders for uniforms in Yamagata Prefecture amounts to around 100 million yen per year, and five companies are suspected of discussing the contractor in advance several years ago at the latest to prevent a drop in the order price. The Fair Trade Commission is working to clarify the actual situation.

“Midori Safety Yamagata,” who has undergone on-site inspections, commented, “It is true that we have undergone on-site inspections and we will fully cooperate with the inspections.”